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   Chapter 154 The Golden Wind Restaurant

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It was no coincidence that the Zhang Clan had been able to acquire prestige equivalent to that of the top seven noble clans in the Burning Sky Empire relying on their wealth.

The Zhang's were not only good at investing in business, but they also knew how to invest in talent.

As wealthy businessmen with a civilian background, they preferred to invest in a civilian genius like Zen.

Therefore, although they wouldn't help Zen in his dispute with Fren Zhuge, they would support Zen secretly.

"As a rule, our Blessed Auction House gets ten percent commission from the proceeds of an auction," Wick Zhang informed Zen. "But you are Wurth's friend. So we've decided not to charge any commission from the sale of your item."

"No, that's not appropriate," Zen politely rejected Wick's generosity. Ten percent of Zen's earnings from the auction was not a small amount. However, Zen didn't want to be indebted to others.

"If you refuse, that implies that you don't regard me as a friend," Wick Zhang persisted. The Zhang Clan didn't offer Zen much support during his confrontation with Fren Zhuge a few minutes ago. So Wick Zhang decided to give Zen this favor.

Now that Wick Zhang was insisting, Zen felt as though he had no choice but to accept and express his gratitude.

"Schlik!" When Wick Zhang opened the door curtain of the back hall, a big heap of cubic crystals appeared in front of them. "Zen, the crystal core of the fire scorpion lion sold at a high price of 70, 000 cubic crystals. After deducting 25, 000 cubic crystals for the Weapon Refining Principle that you bought, you still have 45, 000 cubic crystals left," Wick explained.

Nory and Sean were dumbfounded when they saw the cubic crystals shining brilliantly under the lights.

"Z... Zen, that fire scorpion lion's crystal core was yours?" Nory stuttered in amazement. Nory and Sean now understood why Zen had the confidence to participate in the auction of the Weapon Refining Principle. Zen turned out to be a potential millionaire!

"Oh my god! I've never seen so many cubic crystals in my life," Sean also murmured. Since all three young men were of civilian origin, they didn't have much money.

Although they were outer disciples of Drizzle Peak at Cloud Sect, the gaps among them were tremendous. It was surprising that Zen had been able to earn so many points not long after joining Cloud Sect.

However, Zen didn't know what to do with so many cubic crystals. Although he had a space ring, yet its space was not much. It would be impossible to put all the cubic crystals in the space ring.

He couldn't carry them. Even if he asked Sean and Nory to help, they wouldn't be able to take that many cubic crystals. That was just not realistic. Zen had never considered that carrying or storing the crystals would be a problem.

Seeing the embarrassed expression on Zen's face, Wurth Zhang smiled and said, "Don't worry Zen. There is no need to take these cubic crystals with you. You can have a look first, and then we'll deposit them in the Blessed Draft Bank

limbed the emerald stairs and entered the restaurant.

As soon as they entered, a well-dressed waiter came up to greet them warmly.

As a resident of the Imperial Capital, Nory seemed to be acquainted with this kind of place. After he spoke with the waiter, the waiter took them to a room on the second floor.

The ambiance of the Golden Wind Restaurant was also as exquisite as the outer facade.

After they had been seated, Nory asked the waiter, "People say that there is no match in the world for Miss Coco's playing and singing. Is Miss Coco free today?"

"Umm..." Hesitation appeared on the waiter's face.

Miss Coco was a starring actress at the Golden Wind Restaurant. Her appearance fee was extremely high. Since the waiter had some experience, he could tell that the boys in white robes were outer disciples of Cloud Sect. Besides, they didn't look noble nor rich.

The waiter also knew from experience that some disciples from Cloud Sect visited the restaurant specifically to make trouble. Caught in a dilemma, the waiter could neither agree nor refuse.

Seeing the waiter's hesitation, Nory shrugged his shoulders and said to Zen, "It's up to you, Zen."

Zen was usually very frugal, but he was not stingy on every occasion.

"Are you afraid we can't afford the cost? Is this enough?" Zen asked the waiter. A dozen cubic crystals dropped from the space ring in Zen's hand as he spoke.

For an ordinary person, a single cubic crystal could support his family's cost for decades.

Though the Golden Wind Restaurant was expensive, the cubic crystals Zen showed were more than enough to invite the starring actress to make an appearance.

The waiter's eyes glittered when he saw the cubic crystals. Instantly, his hesitation was swept away. With a grin, the waiter said, "Please wait a moment. I'll bring Miss Coco to you." Then he bowed and left the room.

Not long after, they heard light footsteps on the stairs. A delicate fragrance filled the room even before Miss Coco appeared before the three boys.

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