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   Chapter 152 So Insane (Part One)

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"Zen Luo? So it is him."

Fren was very impressed with this name.

As per his memory, this guy knocked his brother, Chad out of the Blooded Test.

After being eliminated from the Blooded Test, Chad begged him to get rid of Zen Luo.

Since Fren wouldn't deal with a weak opponent who was at the organ refining level personally, he commanded Thomas, a loyal servant, to be in charge of that.

It was beyond Fren's expectation that Thomas would fail. Instead, he was taught a lesson by Zen, and he complained tearfully upon his return.

By that time, to Fren, Zen was just like a clown who was beneath his notice. He wouldn't bother spending more time dealing with Zen. It wasn't until Liam from Drizzle Peak came to him that Fren sent White Fiend and Black Fiend to the south to kill Zen.

He never thought that Liam, White Fiend and Black Fiend would die in the south.

A few days later, Zen was at the auction house and making trouble for Fren!

Thinking of this, the smile on Fren's face became more intense.

He followed the aisle of the auction house and sauntered toward the wing.

Many people in the auction house saw this scene. Suddenly they were filled with apprehension.

Fren was notorious in the Imperial Capital.

He was crazy, arrogant, and not afraid of anything. If he caused mischief here, the Zhang Clan would be in trouble.

At this moment, Wurth headed toward Zen's room with his people.

Zhang's servants had reported to him about the dispute between Zen and Fren. And Wurth knew that Zen had previously quarreled with Fren's servant and offended Fren at Drizzle Peak. That was why he gathered his people and rushed over. He took the initiative to stop in front of Fren.

"Fren!" greeted Wurth with a big s

t generally speaking, a man of your courage would die for his actions!"

Fren's favorite attack method was to exert pressure on his opponent in spirit so that he could mercilessly torture his opponent. According to Fren's research, Zen was a low-born commoner with no strong background. And Fren had already thought of a thousand different ways to kill him.

But compared with inflicting physical injury on his opponent, Fren preferred spiritual torment. This was Fren's usual technique.

"Oh, really?" said Zen as his lips lifted into a sneer. "Although you like to threaten people in your mad and arrogant way, I have heard countless threats like yours in my life. Do you really think that you are creative enough? What a cliche!"

Hearing what Zen said, the smile on Fren's face froze.

Zen added, "If you want my life, just come up and get it. You and your family are nothing in my eyes. Please, save your threats. By the way, the Weapon Refining Principle is in my hands now. I will surely commit every single word to memory and then burn it to ashes. If you expect to take it from me, you can try to open my head and see if you can find the contents of the book!"

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