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   Chapter 151 Got Tremendous Wealth

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Zen was confused about the silver particles.

Curious, Zen tried to look them up in the weapon refining methods left by Evil Lan, but he got nothing about them.

Zen assumed if Evil Lan were a better weapon refiner, he would have written about it in his weapon refining methods.

In C County, Evil Lan had been regarded as a superior weapon refiner, but compared with the refiners in Imperial Capital, he was just so-so.

So many people in the auction house desired to get the heavenly essence, which got Zen further perplexed by what it was and its purpose.

Were these silver droplets really so valuable?

"23, 000 cubic crystals! I will take the heavenly essence!" An old man cried out. His hair was white, but his ruddy face gave him an energetic appearance.

"Aha, Huang! You cannot have sole ownership of these heavenly essence drops. I offer a price of 25, 000 cubic crystals!" A muffled voice came from an old man with a black face.

The old man with the ruddy face frowned and said, "Joah Yu, I shall get the heavenly essence. So don't compete with me today!"

The two men stood and glared at each other, which lent tension to the atmosphere in the auction house.

In the room, Nory said, "As to these two old men, one's surname is Huang, and the other is Yu. so one must come from the Huang Clan, and the other must be from the Yu Clan. Both clans enjoy a high reputation in Imperial Capital as they are listed among the seven prestigious noble clans. Since they are both determined to buy the heavenly essence, you can expect the final price to be unrealistically high."

Money wasn't a problem for any member of the top seven noble clans.

The two old men seemed to be venerable with high prestige in the noble clans. Thus, they could scramble for the heavenly essence at any cost if they really wanted to do so.

However, although the Huang Clan and the Yu Clan were prominent, other more powerful clans were also present at the auction.

Apart from these two old men, many people were unwilling to give up the opportunity to acquire the heavenly essence.

At that time, Zen gaped at the auction block.

"What is the heavenly essence? Why is it so valuable? Why do so many people want to get it?" Zen asked.

Nory laughed and said, "I have often considered that you were knowledgeable enough to know everything. But now, you seem somewhat ignorant as you don't know what heavenly essence is!"

Zen shook his head. Although he had read some books on weapon refining, he had never come across any mention of heavenly essence. The first time that he saw it was when the black fire in his head refined the weapon.

To show off his knowledge, Nor

had bought the crystal core of the fire scorpion lion.

'70, 000 cubic crystals is enough! Deducting the commission given to the Blessed Auction House and the cost of the book, Weapon Refining Principle, I can get about 40, 000 cubic crystals and more importantly, I have learned the function of the heavenly essence!'

As Zen was thinking about that, the auction at the Blessed Auction House ended

And the people there began to leave quickly.

The only people still at the auction house were the ones who stayed to change their money into the goods for which they had bid.

When Zen just stood, he saw a young man dressed in silk walking toward him with a smile. Beside the young man was the charming woman who had visited Zen in his room.

Zen understood that the man was Fren, who was always ready to trouble him and had even tried to hire people to kill him!

Fren gestured at Zen and then grinned wickedly.

Without any fear, Zen pointed at Fren and sneered.

Tit for tat!

The people who saw this scene could only sigh silently.

If the two men were at the same level, their hostility toward each other could be regarded as tit for tat.

However, the man in the room was only a half-step into the nature level! What made him so arrogant? He dared to confront Fren! Was he crazy? Or did he have a powerful backer?

Somehow, Fren was a little confused......

This was supposed to be his first time meeting Zen.

Even if Fren was being unreasonable, why did Zen think he could do the same? After all, Fren was more powerful than Zen! Fren couldn't figure it out.

At that moment, a servant dressed in the uniform of Fren's clan came up.

"I asked you to investigate. Did you get the result?" Fren asked.

"My young master, the boy's name is Zen Luo."

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