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   Chapter 150 Heavenly Essence (Part Two)

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"Oh! Fren Zhuge!" Zen nodded and repeated, "Is he the one who is usually called the Loony Fren?"

Vivan grinned, "It seems that you have heard of my master's nickname..."

"Just tell him to die," replied Zen as he sneered at Vivan in disgust.

At the moment, Vivan stood on the spot stiffly with a fixed grin. She had thought that Zen would comply with her request after learning of her master's identity. She hadn't expected Zen to refuse so firmly.

Zen dared to speak so haughtily, implying that he was not afraid of Fren at all.

A hint of life vitality scattered out from Vivan's hair...

Vivan's straight hair curled and surged like the waves of the sea. Then they rose in spirals to form five cones. In the next instant, they pointed at Zen, like five spinning drilling bits. She threatened, "Anyone who has dared to offend my master has died. Do you want to die as well?"

Zen smiled, pointed to the auction hall, and cautioned, "Huh, do you want to fight me now? You'd better take a look around and see where you are."

The dispute in the room immediately drew the attention of the people in the auction house.

Noticing the strange situation, a few guards of the Zhang Clan approached Zen's room. Blessed Auction House was obliged to keep its customers safe, and fighting was absolutely prohibited in the auction house.

Vivan glanced at the guards and recalled her life vitality. She snorted and turned to leave the room.

Gazing at her receding figure, Zen smirked and shouted, "Twenty-four thousand and one hundred!"

Hearing Zen's bid and seeing Vivan's livid face, Fren knew that Zen had not taken his threat seriously.

"What did the boy say?" asked Fren with a smile.

Depressed, Vi

e were added to a mid-grade spiritual weapon, it would be elevated to the top grade.

However, heavenly essence was extremely rare, and so far, people did not know how to obtain it in larger quantities. Whenever heavenly essence appeared, the owners would add it into their weapons immediately.

It was said that heavenly essence was the key base of all the mysterious, spiritual, and even fairy weapons!

The reason why these weapons had tremendous power was that weapon refiners blended the weapons with a glimmer of Heavenly Law during the process of refining. Heavenly essence contained pure Heavenly Law in very high concentrations!

It was rumored that even a low-grade mysterious weapon could have a little bit of heavenly essence, but so far, no one had been able to extract any.

Zen was stunned when he saw the heavenly essence. As the droplets danced in the air, shimmering under the light, his jaw dropped to the ground. His heart beat faster as he stared at the silver particles floating in the air.

Weren't these tiny substances the same as the iron essence that was produced by the black fire that melted mysterious weapons?

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