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   Chapter 149 Heavenly Essence (Part One)

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Zen did not have enough cubic crystals.

However, Zen had learned from Wurth that if he desired an item, he could join in the bidding. As long as the quoted price was not higher than the cubic crystals he would earn for the crystal core of the fire scorpion lion, Zen could afford to bid.

Thus, when Zen saw the Weapon Refining Principle, he bid against Fren even though the other bidders had ceased.

20, 100 cubic crystals!

If this had happened before the incident on Hell Mountain, Zen would have been reluctant to spend thousands of cubic crystals buying the Weapon Refining Principle. On the contrary, he would have saved these cubic crystals to exchange for points at Cloud Sect.

However, after the battle on Hell Mountain, Zen had realized how large the skill gap was between him and Vale.

If he wanted to narrow this difference, Zen had to improve in every aspect.

Not just his strength!

If Zen could learn how to refine weapons, or even become a master of weapon refining, his request to visit or save Yan might not be denied!

Admittedly, there were no guarantees that buying and reading the Weapon Refining Principle would help Zen become a weapon refiner. However, Zen did not have many choices. He had to persist with his plan.

Since learning from the Weapon Refining Principle would give him an advantage, Zen was determined to buy it.

"Rest assured, Nory and Sean. I have enough cubic crystals," said Zen with a smile.

Nory's and Sean's foreheads creased as they wondered how Zen had accumulated tens of thousands of cubic crystals. But when they thought of Zen's cautious personality, they relaxed slightly.

Many people darted a curious glance in Zen's direction when they heard him bid against Fren.


faster when they saw the enchanting Vivan.

However, Zen turned his head and asked Vivan calmly, "What do you want?"

"My master asked me to tell you to give up the bidding," said Vivan, staring straight at Zen.

Zen returned her smile as he asked, "Why should I give up?"

"Because my master wants you to," said Vivan. Malicious intent twinkled in her brown eyes.

What arrogance!

Zen's forehead wrinkled when he heard what Vivan said. Since entering Cloud Sect, Zen had met many arrogant people. He sneered at Vivan, "Your master? Who is he?"

"My master's surname is Zhuge," replied Vivan proudly. The Zhuge Clan was renowned in the Burning Sky Empire, so Vivan thought that Zen would change his mind after learning that Fren came from the Zhuge Clan.

"Zhuge?" murmured Zen. Then his face darkened. From Bloody Mountain to the south of the empire, he had clashed with members of the Zhuge Clan many times. They were like annoying leeches that kept clinging to him!

"Yes, my master is Fren Zhuge. I believe you have heard of him. So, please do not bid again, or you will get into trouble," said Vivan, with a smirk playing at the corners of her mouth.

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