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   Chapter 148 The Weapon Refining Principle

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In the end, the Heaven-shaking Dagger-axe sold for as much as five thousand cubic crystals.

Zen curled his lips but did not regret that it had fallen into someone else's hands.

He knew that he could buy another inferior spiritual weapon from the market at a much lower price. Anyway, what he cared about was the iron essence contained in spiritual weapons, not their power.

Nestor soon auctioned off several more items.

Suddenly, Nestor's tone changed. "The next item to be auctioned is the halftime grand finale of today's auction. As you all know, two years ago, Chase, our weapon refining guru in the Imperial Capital, passed away. This is a significant loss for our whole empire. Fortunately, Chase had many disciples, and some of them have taken over his mantle," Nestor said grimly. "Next up for auction is Chase's Weapon Refining Principle. It is said that Chase kept it a secret. If someone wants to make an impact in weapon refining, with this book in hand, you can get Chase's knowledge and achieve great progress!"

As soon as Nestor finished speaking, the crowd simmered with excitement.

There were three weapon refining gurus in the Burning Sky Empire, but none of them could compare with Chase.

Chase kept the Weapon Refining Principle a secret presumably recording his experience and skills in weapon refining.

Every noble clan dreamed of owning a top weapon refiner.

But weapon refiners were not easy to hire.

The noble Wang family had employed one of the three weapon refining gurus, another had been employed by Cloud Sect and the third by the Burning Sky Palace. It was hard to hire them, no matter how much the clans offered.

Therefore, if a family produced a weapon refining guru, it would benefit the whole family.

Everybody knew that even if they got the Weapon Refining Principle, they would not necessarily become a weapon refining guru. After all, Chase had taught many disciples, and so did his disciples, but they all failed to produce a guru. Yet, none of the noble clans were willing to give up this rare chance.

"The Weapon Refining Principle belonged to our teacher. Please return it to us!"

"It's our teacher's relic. You can't auction it at will!" eight people objected.

They were dressed similarly in long red robes with a small furnace embroidered on their chests.

Most people in the auction house recognized the furnace on their clothes and knew where they had come from.

It turned out that Chase had set up a school, Magical Refining Sch

rinciple contained only a few sheets of paper. But its price kept rising during the auction.

When its cost climbed to nearly 20, 000 cubic crystals, most people gave up.

Only the old man, who competed with Fren in the first place, and Fren were still making offers.

"20, 000!" This time, Fren had raised the price by 6, 000 cubic crystals!

Hearing Fren's offer, the old man winced and shook his head. It was not that he was willing to give up the book, but that he could not afford any more cubic crystals.

Not many people in the world could afford 20, 000 cubic crystals at one time.

Glancing at the old man's dejected look, Fren gave a wry smile. The old man had followed behind Fren's offer like plaster to raise the price, until Fren raised his bid by six thousand!

"Anyone else wants to make a higher bid?" inquired Nestor from the platform. "If not, Mr. Zhuge will win the Weapon Refining Principle!"

Just then a voice came from one of the wings.

"I'll pay 20, 100!" The speaker was Zen.

He joined the bidding with an astronomical figure, which shocked Sean and Nory.

"Zen, are you crazy?"

"Do you have that many cubic crystals?"

Nory and Sean whispered anxiously, their foreheads sweating.

They had asked Wurth to bring them to the auction house today just for fun.

The items auctioned were worth at least hundreds or thousands of cubic crystals, which was impossible for an ordinary outer disciple to afford.

That was why Nory and Sean were both pretty shaken up when Zen quoted 20, 100.

Casual bidding was not allowed at an auction. If a bidder won something in a bid, but could not afford it... The result was no joke!

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