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   Chapter 147 Too Expensive (Part Two)

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Zen did not think the price was low. Instead, it was much higher than his expectation.

Although he knew that the crystal core of fire scorpion lion was very precious, he had never presumed that the price would be this high.

The crystal core of a queen blade locust was exchanged for only 1000 points, which was equal to two thousand cubic crystals. And he had thought that the crystal core of fire scorpion lion would be valued at a similar price.

But the basic price, as he heard, was 15 times higher than that of the queen blade locust! That was totally beyond his calculations.

This lack of understanding of how the market worked showed how little experience Zen had.

After all, the blade locust was known for its rapid reproduction rate. Every year, dozens or hundreds of queen blade locusts were killed at Dragon Fort. And this productivity, of course, lowered the price of the crystal core of a queen blade locust.

A fire scorpion lion, however, was not the same. They had been hunted to the verge of extinction throughout the whole Eastern Region. It was rare to see a fire scorpion lion, not to mention an adult one. And its crystal core had special effects in the refining of weapons or medicines. Thus, the value of these two kinds of crystal cores was very different, and the gap was huge.

Hearing that Zen did not reject their proposed basic price, Nestor continued to say, "But if we add this to the lot today, we will have two outstanding treasures at this auction. So, I think it would be better to present the crystal core of fire scorpion lion in the next auction, where it will fetch a higher price... " Nestor had the same idea as Wurth. It would be worthwhile to conduct an auction for this crystal core only.

"No need to wait for the next auction. My friend thinks that it is okay to combine it in today's auction. Nestor, please put away this crystal core of fire scorpion lion and prepare for the auction later," Wurth calmly instructed.

"Okay, young master, I will do that," Nestor now knew that the timing for the auction of the crystal core was nonnegotiable. With a quick shake of his head, Nestor asked an assistant to bring a luxurious box. He then carefully put the crystal core in it and sealed the box.

After completing all the arrangements for the crystal core's auction, Wurth walked back to the auction room with Zen. As it was a busy time for the auction, he managed to exchange simple greetings with Sean an

but its power is similar to that of a middle-level spiritual weapon. The base price is 2000 cubic crystals. You can start to bid now."

'Two thousand cubic crystals? That is not so expensive!' Zen thought. He was a little interested in this spiritual weapon.

This Heaven-shaking Dagger-axe was a low-level spiritual weapon. Zen did not care much about its power. Instead, he wondered about the iron essence he could obtain from such a weapon after refining it.

He knew that a top-grade mysterious weapon usually generated five or ten drops of iron essence. Since a spiritual weapon was a level higher than a mysterious weapon, maybe it would generate 50 drops of iron essence, or, perhaps even 100 drops.

On thinking of this possibility, Zen became excited. He wanted to bid.

As long as he could light up one dragon scale, his strength would grow. If ten dragon scales were lit at the same time, his strength would be doubled in a short period. Such an increase was definitely a significant improvement for him.

If possible, Zen planned to participate in the auction for this spiritual weapon.

But the bid price increased so much that he abandoned his plan.

"Two thousand and five hundred cubic crystals," one refiner shouted excitedly.

"Two thousand and seven hundred," said another.

"Three thousand cubic crystals!"

Even though the Heaven-shaking Dagger-axe had a powerful name and it was indeed a spiritual weapon, its shape was rough and heavy. Zen had thought that the bid would not be competitive. However, to his surprise, many refiners were interested in this weapon, and the price shot up in a short time.

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