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   Chapter 146 Too Expensive (Part One)

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Wurth could not remember how many years it had been since the crystal core of an adult fire scorpion lion had last appeared.

After all, he was less than 20 years old. And from his earliest memory of the Blessed Auction House, they had never auctioned the crystal core of an adult fire scorpion lion.

So, Wurth was very curious about where Zen got this crystal core of a fire scorpion lion. What was more surprising was that it was from an adult lion. However, he managed to keep his curiosity to himself and did not ask his questions. As a legitimate successor of the Blessed Zhang family, he was familiar with the rules of the auction house. The first rule was not to ask about the origin of goods brought by customers. It was taboo in the auction industry. He soon calmed down and acted very professionally.

"Zen, this crystal core of an adult fire scorpion lion can be auctioned for an excellent price. It is very precious and rare. Do you want to sell it in this auction, or wait for the next? If you wait for the next auction, we, the Blessed Auction House, can help you release some information in advance to attract those who are particularly interested in the crystal core of fire scorpion lion. Then, the price will be higher than it is today," Wurth commented.

This crystal core was so precious that ordinary people might not be able to afford to buy it. If given some time, the Blessed Auction House could attract those who not only had an interest but could also afford to buy the object during the auction. Then the price would be much higher than now.

"How about today? I don't mind if we sell it today." Zen decided without hesitation. He was not tempted by the potential of getting a higher price.

Wurth did not insist when he saw Zen's determination. Instead, he nodded and said, "That's fine. In this auction, we plan to sell some precious refining materials and alchemy materials. And these have already appealed to many old, powerful refiners in the Imperial Capital. I believe that the crystal core of fire scorpion lion could also fetch a very good price."

After reaching this agreement with Zen, Wurth led Zen to the back hall of the auction house.

Once they had entered the back hall of the auction house, Zen felt a burst of d

e full of astonishment and happiness.

On hearing Nestor's description, Zen admired the man. Nestor had indeed been correct. The height of that Fire Scorpion Lion was exactly like what Nestor had said, about 30 feet. The fact that he could draw such a conclusion only by looking at the crystal core was enough to show that Nestor was experienced and had sharp eyes.

"What kind of basic price do you think we can set for this crystal core?" Wurth asked.

Nestor laughed loudly and said, "As with any exceptional treasure, when it appears in an auction, you never know how many people will rush and fight for it. Especially at this time when the Shura Battlefield is about to restart. The clans never feel like they have sufficient good weapons. And the crystal core of fire scorpion lion is a superior material for refining weapons. Based on this information, it is hard to estimate the final price of this crystal core. If we have to set a basic price for it, I think about thirty thousand cubic crystals is appropriate."

"Thirty thousand cubic crystals!" Zen was surprised to hear the price and could not help crying out in astonishment.

Zen's reaction took Nestor and Wurth by surprise. They looked at each other before Wurth turned to Zen and asked, "Zen, do you think the basic price is too low? Rest assured. Once the auction starts, the final price would be much higher than this number."

Zen shook his head and explained, "No. Wurth, you have misunderstood me. The price is very appropriate!"

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