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   Chapter 143 Half-step Into The Nature Level (Part One)

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Zen positioned himself as per the illustration in the Heavenly Ogre Fist book.

Since this was a refinement method for Ogres, it would take human beings a lot of time, energy, and effort to master if they cultivated diligently.

Luckily, Zen was physically stronger than ordinary people. For anyone else, it would be impossible to complete the first step of the Heavenly Ogre Fist during the refinement.

After the force coursed through his body, Zen's eyebrows furrowed a bit, as he didn't feel the demonic life energy inside his body.

Zen wondered why.

Yesterday, only a small amount of demonic life energy had been produced inside Zen's body after his refinement of the Heavenly Ogre Fist. Afterward, the demonic life energy engulfed Zen's Purple Light Fist life energy as though it were a beast. In the end, all the life energy from Zen's Purple Light Fist had turned into demonic life energy.

But as soon as he made the first move of the Heavenly Ogre Fist, which was known as Ogres Shaking the World, the demonic life energy inside his body had been completely consumed...

In general, one's cultivation would be smooth for a period as long as he found the key to the refinement method. Once a level was overcome, it was like a door was opened to the next stage.

Very few men would retrogress in cultivation like Zen.

He had been able to produce and utilize the demonic life energy the previous day, but now he had failed...

Why? Did he forget a move?

After thinking it over for a while, Zen still couldn't figure it out. Since the Heavenly Ogre Fist was a tier five cultivation method, its power would be immense. However, it was so hard to practice this refinement method. It was far more difficult than Zen had expected.

How were his practice methods different from what he had done the previous day? Zen was lost in deep thought.

He had almost died when he confronted Vale on Hell Mountain. In that critical situation, Zen knew that he was fighting a losing battle, but he repeatedly tried to use the Heavenly Ogre Fist, still hoping to survive in spite of the slim chance. After

ed cultivating the mind method of Purple Light Fist. However, the more Purple Light Fist life energy filled Zen, the more the demonic life energy he was able to consume. Soon, it began accumulating inside his body. About two hours later, his belly was finally filled with demonic life energy.

As Zen stretched out his arms, demonic life energy spiralled up and out along his arms. To Zen, it looked like a purple-black demon was fluttering around his hands.

At this sight, Zen flicked the demon with his fingers. Immediately, the little purple-black demon jumped out of his palm and into a corner. The demon continued to hop once it had reached the ground.

"Huh! The life energy can be exuded out of my body!"

This scene shocked Zen who although, practicing this refinement method, had never heard of such a thing happening.

A corporeal form had five levels. Life energy could only exist in vivo or on the surface of the body. The energy should vanish once it left Zen's body, just like plants couldn't survive without roots.

Life energy could be only separated from the body of refiners who had been a half-step into the nature level.

Zen remembered this because he had seen his uncle Bryson pour his life energy into his long sword. Then, he manipulated the life energy inside and killed his enemies with the sword. This was only possible for cultivators who were half-step into the nature level.

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