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   Chapter 142 I'm Your Creditor

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Vale left quickly because Aura had arrived.

In terms of strength, Vale was not scared of Aura, but he had hesitated because of her identity and background.

The others lifted Perrin from the ground and hurriedly followed Vale.

"Why did you make such a promise to him?" asked Aura as she leaped from the flying chariot and walked toward Zen.

Zen was obstinate when it came to matters pertaining to Yan. Hearing Aura's question, he thought for a moment before replying, "I don't want someone like Vale to get close to Yan."

"Vale is not only Cloud Sect's outstanding disciple, valued by the entire sect, but also the only son of the Master of the noble Wang family. Is he very bad?" asked Aura, puzzled.

"Yes, very bad!" Zen concluded without hesitating.

Aura smiled and said, "Maybe you're the only one who thinks he's bad. Vale is a desirable potential husband for all the unmarried girls in the Imperial Capital..."

"He is too good for my sister. He can marry anyone he wants, but he shouldn't come near Yan!" stated Zen coldly.

Aura's heart skipped a beat when she looked at the serious expression on Zen's face. She had misunderstood Zen. She had no idea that Zen was Yan's brother, and that Zen had worked so hard to earn points to save Yan from Hell Mountain.

Zen's idea was naive, but Aura still sighed. It was rare to see such love and devotion between siblings in a family. In her opinion, Zen was too innocent and trustworthy when it came to matters about Yan.

"Master Su, I'm going up the mountain top to see Yan," Zen said as he turned toward the path that would take him to the top.

Aura quickly shook her head and said, "You can't see her."

"Why?" Zen's eyebrows bristled like sharp swords. He had been told that he needed points to see someone imprisoned on Hell Mountain. And yet, Vale had said that Zen was not eligible to visit Yan. And now, Master Su was stopping him.

'Why? Why the hell? Now that I have entered Hell Mountain, why am I not allowed to see Yan?' he roared in his heart.

"The people imprisoned on the top of Hell Mountain are not ordinary people. How can you be allowed to see her when you are only an outer disciple? A great array called the six-pointed star array has been set up on the top of the mountain to prevent the prisoners from escaping. You can't get past this great array using your strength. You need permission," Aura explained to him slowly.

Zen's face turned sour at the news shared by Aura.

Everything Zen had done, from escaping the Luo Clan to entering Cloud Sect to hunting blade locusts, had been because he was driven to visit Yan. After the effort he had made and the challenges he had overcome, Zen found it unacceptable that he couldn't see Yan.

Determined, Zen began walking up the mountain. But he had forgotten that hi

eflexively, Aura pushed the pill into his mouth.

"Don't worry. My investment in you will pay off sooner or later. It will come back to me with a price more than the points for the pill. So, as your creditor, you had better listen to me!" stated Aura in a severe tone of voice. A slight smile danced on her face, however. After that, she turned and continued to drive the flying chariot.

Having consumed the Red Cloud Pill, Zen felt as if there were a raging fire burning inside his stomach. Then a pleasant tingling sensation seeped from the gashes on his body.

The five-grade pill was indeed exceedingly magical. Zen's severe injuries were now recovering at a remarkable rate.

The intense effects quickly spread through Zen's entire body. Gradually, Zen became drowsy, and sleep overcame him. Finally, he passed out.

This was probably the best sleep Zen had ever had in years.

While imprisoned in the cellar of the Luo family, Zen always woke up every morning before dawn to read.

But today, when he woke up, he saw that the sun was already high in the sky.

"What a long rest!"

Zen said in surprise as he stretched and examined his body. The wounds from his battle with Vale on Hell Mountain the day before had healed now. The effect of Red Cloud Pill was truly extraordinary.

He sprang to his feet. Feeling refreshed, Zen found no reason to waste his time. He sat cross-legged and began to work his power according to the Heavenly Ogre Fist.

When Zen had first left the library with the book, he had been determined to learn this cultivation method. However, no matter how much he practiced, Zen had never succeeded. To his surprise, he practiced the cultivation method when he was forced by Vale yesterday.

When Zen opened his eyes today, all he cared about was whether he could still refine the demonic life energy as he had done the previous day.

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