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   Chapter 141 Three Years

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There were many different life energies in the world which had various functions.

Some of the energies increased strength efficiently, making a person strong enough to overpower tigers and leopards or tear stone mountains down until they were nothing but rubble.

Some energies improved speed to the point that allowed a person to run a million miles in just a few seconds.

Considering the refining method each person practiced was different, the colors, shapes, and functions of each life energy were different as well.

But the demonic life energy found in Zen had not only swallowed Zen's purple life energy, but also unexpectedly tried to swallow Vale's life vitality, as it came up and spread over Zen's body.

When one pushed hard enough, working to reach nature level, his life energy changed into life vitality which then could be shaped.

Vale had achieved the level of the Illuminating Soul Realm, and because he practiced the cultivation method named Lotus Scriptures, his life vitality could be shaped into pink lotuses.

Although the lotuses were breathtaking to see, they were, in fact, deadly and horrible.

At the moment, it was shocking to see that the demonic life energy had come from Zen's body and now, was swallowing the lotuses one by one while Vale was using his life vitality.

The demonic life energy was so quick that it swallowed the bloom the moment its dark purple life energy sparked. First, a crack appeared on the pure lotus, then the crack spread, multiplying until the lotus was covered with cracks, and then the lotus was consumed leaving no remains.

Within a short amount of the time, the dense layer of lotuses covering Zen's body was blended into the demonic life energy.

Once the lotuses were gone, Zen's gruesome wounds were exposed to air instantly.

Seeing cracks on Zen's body, the cultivators at the Hell Mountain recoiled.

Never before had they seen wounds like his, and they wondered what could cause the skin to break like this.

In actuality, wounds like his could be caused by the pressure of Vale's lotuses. As heavy as the lotuses were, they pulverized an ordinary person, but the unique manner of Zen's body protected him so that his skin merely cracked under the overwhelming pressure.

Too busy with what he was facing now, Zen couldn't tend his wounds. He balled his right hand into a fist, and his fingers of the other hand splayed on his right arm gently.

"Ogres Shaking the World! It's the first step of Heavenly Ogre Fist!"

Until now, Zen couldn't manage the mighty Heavenly Ogre Fist no matter how many times he practiced since he had no demonic life energy in his body.

After Zen completed his regular studies daily, he read the rare book named, Heavenly Ogre Fist, carefully, until he could recite it fluently.

As Zen thrust his fist, it brought the demonic life energy out with the Ogres Shaking the World punch, and at the same time, he had an epiphany. In that instance, Zen understood all of the subtleties found in the tome of the Heavenly Ogre Fist without any questi

s on stopping. Instead, without hesitating, he threw the punch at Zen.

"Do you want to get your entire clan killed, Vale?" Shouted Aura angrily. Now the chill in her voice gave her words an icy threat.

Did he want his entire clan to be killed?

Vale was mighty now at the Illuminating Soul Realm at such a young age, so it wasn't difficult to realize that he was very promising.

However, the Wang clan wasn't one of the top seven noble clans.

If Aura wanted to exterminate the Wang clan, it would be easy for her alone, and she had the Emperor's Token.

It mustn't be a lie to intimidate him.

Aura was merely a girl though and couldn't intimidate Vale at all, because, to Vale, she was nothing more than a princess who was unloved by her parents.

It was what Aura threatened that frightened Vale.

The Wang Clan was a noble clan, and well off, so, it would be undeserving to be wiped over such a little thing.

Inches from Zen's face, Vale's fist stopped, his serious face completely relaxed, and meanwhile, he casually said to Aura, "Your Royal Highness, I was joking around with Zen, and we were having a friendly competition, so why would my whole family be killed?"

Aura's tone was cold as she replied, "I think you'd better stop or your family won't be safe and sound!"

Mockingly, Vale said to Zen, "You're terrific, but I have to say, now, you are not even fit to see Yan, not to mention to fight me!"

"Three years," said Zen holding up three fingers.

"What does that mean?" asked Vale frowning slightly.

"In three years, I'll return, defeat you and take Yan from Hell Mountain!" stated Zen.

Vale guffawed boisterously as if he had never heard anything funnier, "Ha-ha-ha! Three years... Great! Okay, that's really courageous. I will give you three years. If you cannot defeat me then, you won't take Yan from Hell Mountain, and I'll kill you!"

announced Vale as he pointed at Zen, before flying away. As Vale retreated, pink lotuses dissolved into scattered life vitality, disappearing under the sky.

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