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   Chapter 137 The Illuminating Soul Realm (Part Two)

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The onlookers couldn't figure out why the man at the Illuminating Soul Realm needed to display such power when dealing with a weaker opponent.

Generally speaking, a cultivator at the Illuminating Soul Realm could kill an outer disciple with only one finger.

"That poor outer disciple must be frightened to death," stated one of the bystanders.

After Zen had left, Master Su secluded herself in a pavilion at Drizzle Peak and watched his every move on the picture slab.

Through the picture slab, Master Su was able to get a better understanding of everything that was happening with Zen.

"You brat! You are a real troublemaker," Master Su murmured even though Zen was not around to hear her. Master Su looked northwest and frowned. Even from this distance, she could see the light column emitted by Vale.

"I don't care whether you survive or not. Since you think you're so good, figure out a solution to the situation in which you find yourself! He's such a pain in the neck," Master Su said to herself angrily.

Zen was a talented disciple, but he was stubborn and refused to heed her advice.

In fact, none of the masters of Cloud Sect had much control over their disciples. In general, there was no tangible mentoring relationship between masters and disciples at Cloud Sect. Only some special disciples could be taught by masters personally.

Therefore, Zen didn't have to listen to Master Su. Her anger at Zen's disobedience was due to her temperament.

Master Su gritted her teeth as she glared at Zen's resolute face in the picture slab again. After a few seconds, she left the pavilion and took a flying chariot to Hell Mountain.

On a peak of Hell Mountain, Yan sat on a rock and played with her slingshot. She was immersed in happy memories, and a sweet smile danced on her lips.

Since her imprisonment on Hell Mountain, Yan had little else to do. Her chil

No matter how many times Yan tried, the energy emitted by the array didn't diminish. It seemed as though the array could repeat this cycle endlessly. This situation baffled Yan as she had no way to free herself and aid Zen.

All this while, Zen stood rooted in his spot. He calmly faced the enormous pressure from Vale. Even though an ordinary disciple would have been crushed, Zen stood erect with no sign of yielding.

Zen realized this kind of pressure had gone beyond the scope of life energy. It was even stronger than the life vitality of a nature creature.

'Vale is only releasing a small amount of pressure. And yet, I am having trouble enduring this pressure. He may have surpassed the level of nature creatures, ' Zen thought.

Zen didn't know that Vale was a strong cultivator at the Illuminating Soul Realm until now.

"Have you not realized the gap in the strength between you and me? I can kill you with just one finger. Despite my power, it's challenging for me to rescue Yan from Hell Mountain, let alone you. You can't even get to the top of the Hell Mountain. It's funny that you are so self-righteous," Vale teased Zen.

Several pink lotuses bloomed and withered at Vale's feet, as though in an endless cycle, as he spoke.

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