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   Chapter 130 None Of Your Business

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When morning came, Zen got out of bed and bathed.

Though he had a really strong body, he still took a lot of blows from Jesse's persistent attacks.

But, to say that he had to worry about the inflicted wounds was an overstatement—they really weren't that deep.

Moreover, Zen gained more than he had lost from the fight he had with Jesse. He had learned how to defend himself from his opponent and he had gone over the strategies he could harness the next time another opponent chose to battle him.

In addition, Zen's body absorbed the strong forces within the Destruction Hoop which further refined his marrow in the grand scheme of things.

In the process, the fight had taken away almost every impurity that resided in Zen's marrow; he kept this up and soon he would be reaching the peak of the marrow refining level.

Zen wasn't particularly celebrating anything just yet, as he was not impressed with whatever milestone he had taken.

If he were in a backwoods county, he would have stirred something else entirely with the abilities he currently honed.

But things were different in the Cloud Sect; it was normal for people to peak at their marrow refining level. Besides, there were so many disciples from noble clans rivaling you all the time.

Zen thought all of these things while preparing and could not help but get a little worried, but this did not stop him from leaving the confines of his own room to go for the ridge.

As he walked out of the door, there was an extensive amount of outer disciples that greeted Zen very warmly along the way.

They knew Zen not as the new disciple that he used to be. They had already been certain that this man was going to make a huge reputation for himself after he defeated Leo who was ranked thirtieth among all the outer disciples of Drizzle Peak.

What they had not anticipated was the immediate rise of Zen and no one had foreseen that it would happen in this way.

After everything, Zen did not get into the charts; nothing proved his worth on paper, but everyone had it plastered in their minds that the man Zen should have ranked first in the outer disciples of Drizzle Peak.

This was what he impressed in people. Zen left their presence to find Aura, who was waiting for him.

Zen returned from the south unscathed; Aura was sure that he must have been loaded up with trophies of his trip.

She had seen Zen's fight with Jesse only to realize that she had been underestimating the man.

Zen had been so persistent to go to the south. Because of this, Aura had thought Zen was being impatient—if he went to hunt blade locusts, it would be a risk.

Now that she thought about this, she assumed that Zen


Aura marked his task card. After this, her slender white fingers skimmed over his disciple card, where Zen saw a light flash. Then she held it out to him. "Done," Aura said, "I've written one thousand five hundred points in your card."

Zen's face brightened in excitement as he reached out his hand for it.

His fingers almost touched the card before Aura withdrew her hand and smiled. "You can have this, but you can only have it under one condition."

That brought Zen up short. "What is it?" he asked, mildly irritated and let down.

"Tell me what you're going to do with all these points," Aura demanded.

It was not the first time that she had asked Zen this question. In fact, she had already asked this when Zen took on the hunting task.

Last time she had this question for him, Zen danced around it, careful not to spill anything that he shouldn't.

He was still not willing to give the woman any answers. He shook his head as a notion of not wavering to the will of Aura, only saying, "'I've got something important that I have to do."

Consumed by her eagerness and curiosity, Aura kept asking. 'What is it? Tell me. Maybe I could help." She twirled the card in her hands with a blank expression on her face, showing her expectancy for an answer right then and there.

"This is something I need to do on my own, Master Su. Not to be disrespectful, but it is none of your business. It has nothing to do with you and I do not wish to involve you."

He did all of the things that he did to reunite with his sister, Yan. Zen had no desire to involve anyone else in this.

"You!' Aura finally lost her grip and puffed her cheeks with her eyebrows arching.

Zen didn't relent. Reaching out, he said in a stiff voice, "Give my disciple card back, Master Su."

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