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   Chapter 129 Cheers (Part Two)

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Finally, Jesse, the top-ranking outer disciple of Vulture Peak had failed.

So far, Zen had bested four disciples of Vulture Peak and helped Drizzle Peak obtain an advantage.

Despite the fact that Zen had just secured a huge win for Drizzle Peak, its outer disciples stood still like statues. None had thought that Zen would survive the Hoop. And yet, he stood at the edge of the battle ring, victorious. The situation was so astounding that it was beyond everyone's expectation. The shock was so great that they were rendered speechless.

"Zen won! Drizzle Peak won!"

Nory was the first to regain his senses. As the realization hit him, Nory shouted with glee.

Then countless voices chimed in.

At last, all of the outer disciples of Drizzle Peak began to chant loudly.

"Zen! Zen!"

"Zen! Zen!"

They roared, whistled, and waved their hands.

Zen's face flushed. He had been so focused on surviving the battle that he hadn't noticed that he was standing at the edge of the arena, naked. Although all the disciples at Drizzle Peak were male, Zen felt embarrassed.

Sean noticed Zen's awkward expression. Quickly he removed his outer robe and threw it to Zen.

Zen covered his body with the white robe and then walked out of the battle ring. Accompanied by Nory and Sean, he made his way toward Wurth.

Although injured, Wurth had not left. He had stayed to watch the battle between Zen and Jesse.

"Wurth, how do you feel now?" asked Zen.

The fat on Wurth's face wobbled as the big man chuckled. His small eyes glinte

lete demotivation and the inability to work toward a higher level.

On the contrary, those who suffered failures but still desperately forged ahead were more likely to attain success.

However, Aura's remark sounded like she was showing off.

Seeing that Mia was still unhappy, Aura comforted her with a smile, "Well, Mia. I will compensate you in the future!"

Mia pouted. Considering Master Su's background, she had no choice but to accept Aura's offer. On the other hand, Mia thought that letting Aura owe her a favor was good compensation.

That night, all outer disciples of Drizzle Peak were very excited.

Everyone talked with great relish about Zen's performance in the battle ring.

However, Zen was not that excited. In contrast, he concerned himself with another matter.

After returning to his residence, Zen took out a pile of crystal cores from his space ring. He intended to visit Master Su in the morning to ask her to change the crystal cores into points so that he could go to Hell Mountain.

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