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   Chapter 126 Fantastic Scene (Part One)

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"Ah, Jesse went too far. It is only a challenge between two peaks. Why did he use that fierce strike? Does he want to kill Zen?"

"The battle ring is made of pure iron, which is very hard. But it was easily cut by the sky-rending hoops as if the ring was as soft as mud. If the sky-rending hoops touch a human, his body will be split in two!"

"It's too dangerous. How will Zen deal with this attack?"

Now, everyone was worried about Zen. They watched him with bated breath.

When the sky-rending hoops neared Zen, he twisted his body at a strange angle and slid through the space among the hoops.

At the same time, leveraging his momentum, Zen dodged another four sky-rending hoops that had been flying above and below him. After his successful dodges, he ran toward Jesse at full speed.

The previous round of fighting between the two contestants had only been a prelude. And now formal combat, with fist to fist strikes, would begin between the two.

Jesse's face was calm as he watched Zen rushing toward him. He didn't seem to be flustered. Instead, his expression reflected the seriousness he felt. He waved his hand, and the seven sky-rending hoops left behind by Zen adjusted their directions and turned toward Zen again.

These seven sky-rending hoops were produced by Jesse's life vitality. Their weights were as light as air, and they could fly at a fantastically high speed.

Even though Zen was also very fast, he still needed to consider whether to boost his speed or to keep away from the hoops chasing him. If he did not dodge, he would be cut into pieces by these hoops before he could get close to Jesse.

This was also the reason why Jesse stood still and regarded Zen with his steady gaze. He had used the sky-rending hoops many times to defeat dozens of rivals. He understood how powerful the hoops were and what would be the result if someone met the sky-rending hoops directly. It could not be different this time, and he was sure that Zen would not dare use his body to fend off the attack from the sky-rending hoops.

However, Jesse was wrong this time.

If Zen's body had still been at the level of mysterious weapon, he would have been terrified of the cuttin

se, the golden hoop did not cut Zen into pieces but instead, it bounced to the side.

Even though the hoop did not cut Zen's body, it did shred his white robe. The torn white robe exposed Zen's back to the public.

On his naked back, people could only see a light trace of blood. They held their breath and couldn't utter a word. They could not believe that such a powerful weapon only left such a small injury on Zen's skin. That was so unimaginable!

However, this was only the start of how much Zen would astound them today. The remaining sky-rending hoops continued to hurtle toward Zen. When they crashed into him, each of them also made the clear sound like the first hoop. "Bang!" The second hoop clashed with Zen and bounced away.

"Bang!" The third hoop was also deflected after touching Zen's body.

"Bang!" The fourth hoop ricocheted off Zen.

Each of these sky-rending hoops struck Zen's back, made a loud sound, and then bounced away. None were able to do Zen any harm.

In all previous fights where Jesse had used his sky-rending hoops, his opponents had been shredded. But now, none of the hoops could injure Zen beyond a small gash on his skin. Aside from the depth and shape of the injuries, the outcome of all the hoops was the same. None could cut Zen into pieces.

On seeing this fantastic scene, same as the crowd present, or maybe more surprised than the public, Jesse's eyes widened. Fear and trepidation rose in his heart.

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