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   Chapter 124 Sky-rending Hoop (Part One)

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This was not the first time that Zen encountered a nature creature.

Several days ago, he confronted and killed White Fiend and Black Fiend with his old, dilapidated flying knife.

His successful assassination of White Fiend and Black Fiend could be mainly ascribed to this old and broken flying knife.

But now Zen was fighting inside a battle ring.

Although Cloud Sect had no strict rules regarding the use of weapons inside a battle ring, he knew that the flying knife would cause serious injuries, even death, if he used it. In a peak-level challenge of this caliber, Zed didn't want to kill his opponent.

The golden hoop was full of life vitality. Gleaming with metallic luster, it fluttered in the air, humming and buzzing.

As the golden ring drew closer to Zen, it became bigger, as though it was going to encircle him.

"That's great!" exclaimed Zen. He had already planned a counter-attack for the golden ring.

As a streak of purple light enveloped his body, Zen fiercely flung his fist toward the golden ring.


The golden ring produced a crisp sound when it came into contact with Zen's fist. It turned flat upon impact and flew back for about 60 feet from the battle ring.

In spite of this, Jesse chuckled. Seeing his golden ring flying so far away, he stretched out his hand. A buzzing could be heard as the golden ring whizzed toward its master. As soon as the ring returned to Jesse, it regained its original shape. In the blink of an eye, Jesse tossed the golden ring at Zen, in an attempt to trap him.

At the same time, another golden ring showed up in Jesse's hand. This new ring had been crafted from Jesse's life vitality as well. Jesse directed the second ring toward his opponent without giving Zen a chance to defend against the first ring.

"Bang! Bang!"

As before, both rings flew back upon im

And so, it is beyond doubt that you have been defeated."

"But as you can see, I am still standing inside the battle ring, right?" Zen retorted.

For a battle ring challenge, whether a person won or not was dependent upon two cases. The first way to ensure victory was to knock the opponent out so that he couldn't stand up anymore. The other way was to throw the opponent out of the battle ring.

As soon as he heard Zen's quibbling, Jesse sneered at Zen who was trying to play a petty trick on him. Then, he retorted, "Well, since you feel so strongly about this, let me throw you out of the battle ring! Afterward, I will be the winner!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Jesse extended one of his hands and pointed it at the golden rings trapping Zen. Immediately, the rings trembled and jingled as though they had received an order from Jesse. After that, they pulled Zen toward the edge of the battle ring.

Just as Zen reached the corner of the battle ring, Jesse felt a sharp pain in his brain. This pain seemed to be spiritual, as a result of which, Jesse nearly fainted.


Jesse gave a horrible shriek while holding his head with both hands.

The scene inside the battle ring confused the spectators.

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