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   Chapter 123 Jesse Liu (Part Two)

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If Drizzle Peak was defeated, it might affect the mood of its outer disciples for a short time. However, it would also help them to understand that they must work harder to catch up.

To achieve this, the disciples needed to understand, through personal experience, that only the weak could be beaten. That was why Master Su accepted the challenge.

Master Su's mouth crumpled as she looked at Zen. "This outer disciple accepted the task of killing blade locusts in the south and then left Drizzle Peak. I didn't expect that he would return in half a month. Besides, his strength has grown incredibly quickly. I am surprised..."

"What? A disciple at the marrow refining level went to kill blade locusts? Did I hear it correctly? However, the strength of this kid is indeed enough for that kind of task," Mia Mu looked helplessly at the battle ring. "Such a ruthless kid. Every time he defeats his opponent with just a punch! It looks like he is humiliating them."

Hearing what Mia Mu said, Aura Su's lips lifted in a smug smile. Then she said, "That's because the disciples from your peak are too weak!"

"You are naughty. I am helping you to motivate your disciples. But you are laughing at me! Although Zen is powerful, Vulture Peak is not short of talent. The last one to battle should be Jesse. He is ranked number one at Vulture Peak, and he's already a nature creature. As long as Jesse joins the battle, there is no way that Zen can win," said Mia Mu.

"A nature creature? Then why is he still an outer disciple?" wondered Master Su with surprise. Generally speaking, many outer disciples were promoted to the status of inner disciples every year. Many of these disciples were half-step into the nature level. It was thus, surprising t


The two sides were arguing, and the crowd once again became chaotic.

But the two men in the battle ring completely ignored the riots outside the battle ring.

The hoop in Jesse's hand swirled slowly. He said indifferently, "You are really strong. You have defeated three disciples who are half-step into the nature level. This is something that I have never heard of."

"Thank you for the compliment," said Zen as he saluted.

"However, you have humiliated Vulture Peak. Even though I will be suspected of bullying you, as I have the advantage of being a nature creature, I must win the challenge. Otherwise, it will be greatly embarrassing for the outer disciples of Vulture Peak, and there will be no foothold for us in Cloud Sect," said Jesse in a calm tone. There was no excitement and contempt in his voice. It seemed as though he were having a casual chat.

Zen also smiled calmly. "Please show mercy during the following battle."

"Relax. I will only make you incapable of resisting. I will not hurt you!"

Jesse Liu smiled lightly before gently tossing the golden hoop that was condensed by his life vitality toward Zen.

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