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   Chapter 122 Jesse Liu (Part One)

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"Get out of the way! Move! Once hit by a savage beast like that guy, I am afraid that the impact will jar Zen's bones!"

"Is Zen in a daze? Or does he want to stay rooted and withstand Keith's might directly?"

"Hey, Zen has great strength at the marrow refining level. He would have a promising future. But this time, he is overconfident. It will be a pity if he suffers serious injury or death by Keith's attack."

Although the strength of the outer disciples at Drizzle Peak was inferior to most, these disciples were knowledgeable. They understood that a disciple with considerable strength at the marrow refining level would have a bright future. That was why they felt sorry for Zen.

Meanwhile, Zen stubbornly stuck to his previous strategy.

A punch. That was all he used.

The seven dragon scales erupted with extraordinary power. This power mingled with Zen's when he punched Keith. The blow landed on Keith's shoulder, which was the sturdiest part of him.

Keith had intended to collide into Zen with his shoulder. He wasn't deterred when he saw that Zen had decided to use his fist as a countermeasure. Confident of his strength, Keith rammed his body into Zen's fist instead of evading.

According to Keith's estimation, once Zen's fist touched his shoulder, Zen's arm would be broken by the force.

However, when Keith's shoulder crashed into Zen's fist, his facial expression changed.

He could feel that there was a greater force, which was much stronger than his, coming from Zen's fist.

If Keith's power was like that of a furious savage beast, momentum vigorous and extremely explosive, then Zen's energy was like that of the

the fourth challenger from Vulture Peak by sending him flying out of the arena...

Jubilant, this was what the disciples from Drizzle Peak felt. No words could accurately describe their feelings. All they could do was cheer as if only this reaction could express their excitement.

Hundreds of feet away, two women stood on a small building. They had been watching every fight.

Both of them were elegant, poised, and startlingly beautiful.

"Master Su, you tricked me! You suggested that we should arrange a competition to motivate the outer disciples of your peak, to which I readily agreed. Then, I came over with the most talented outer disciples of Vulture Peak. But what I didn't know was that there is such a genius here..." The woman who had spoken was Mia Mu. She was one of the masters of Vulture Peak.

Actually, the two masters had cleverly arranged this challenge.

To motivate the disciples in their respective peaks and to encourage them to work harder, masters would apply almost all methods they could think of.

A challenge between peaks was a very effective method.

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