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   Chapter 119 Braving A Challenge

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A large person is supposed to move awkwardly and react slowly as compared to leaner people.

But Wurth was an exception.

Wurth, though exceptionally fat, moved dexterously and lightly in the battle ring to dodge Tan's signature martial art, the Sacred Wood Thrust.

Wurth was able to steer clear of each fatal blow.

Tan's violent and intensive session proved depressingly futile.

Wurth, seeing that Tan had exhausted his tricks, approached his rival with sarcastic remarks, "It seems to me that you are not that powerful."

Upon hearing what Wurth said, Sean explained to Zen, "Tan's signature martial art with Sacred Wood Thrust resulted in three successive defeats for Drizzle Peak. However, Wurth seems to be a smart opponent."

Zen nodded in approval.

Tan's assault revealed that his strength was like Randall's, however, the latter was superior to the former in terms of martial skills.

Tan's attacks did pay off to some degree.

But having only one signature, excellent way of attacking would leave some part of the refiner vulnerable.

A signature move, once being seen through by a rival, would put a person in a disadvantageous position.

Tan's skill that had earned him three previous victories was vulnerable to some counter-blow.

At that moment, Zen noticed a yellow halo beneath Wurth's feet and then realized it was Wurth's countermeasure.

If Zen were in Wurth's place, the former would crumble the Sacred Wood Thrust through his mighty feet.

However, Wurth decided to defend from Tan's fatal blows in an ingenious manner. He concentrated his life energy on his feet to sense his rival's direction.

Since his strategy was not yielding results, Tan became increasingly frustrated. As time wore on, his aggression and arrogance diminished as well.

Tan was ultimately angered to display his ultimate martial prowess.

An instant later, a dozen brown eddies of life energy began taking shape. They produced sacred wood thrusts that were aimed at Wurth.


Such violent assaults were supposed to be insurmountable.

But Wurth was dodging them dexterously l

ir. It will help heal you. We'll talk later."

Meanwhile, the short man was challenging the other disciples at Drizzle Peak truculently. "Who is your final candidate? Come out and fight with me," he said arrogantly.

According to the rules and regulations, five contestants from each peak were eligible for the battle ring.

Four contestants from Drizzle Peak had lost. Now, only one contestant would be permitted to fight.

"I think Gury who ranks fourth in our peak is a good choice for the next battle."

"No, Terry is better than Gury!"

"I think Henry has a greater chance of winning the last battle!"

"Although Henry stands a good chance against the short man, he is currently refining his martial arts at a retreat. Our rivals are taking advantage of this to challenge us. Our masters, who know this, should have refused the challenge!"

Henry Hao ranked first among the outer disciples of Drizzle Peak and beyond.

It was said that Henry was refining his martial arts to enter the nature level, and was thus unable to participate in the challenge.

"I think every member of Drizzle Peak is a coward. Now your failure is sealed!" The short man challenged Drizzle Peak in a humiliating manner as he was delighted at his invincibility.

At that moment, Zen rose to undertake the challenge. The cold expression glimmering on his face revealed his feelings of being taunted in such a manner.

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