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   Chapter 118 Getting Nervous (Part Two)

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"Look, the match is on. The candidate chosen by Vulture Peak is Tan Tian. He has defeated three of the outer disciples from Drizzle Peak already. I hope Wurth can beat him!"

"Alas, it's hard to say. Yes, Wurth is strong. But even if he defeats Tan, what's the use? Tan has already proven to be too strong for our disciples. But he only ranks 16th at Vulture Peak. Even if Wurth defeats Tan, Vulture Peak will send a higher ranking person next. Then how will we deal with it?"

The outer disciples of Drizzle Peak were talking about the challenge. Obviously, they thought that the prospects of Drizzle Peak were not good.

At this time, Zen saw a man jumping into the battle ring. He was six feet tall and as thin as a rail. He must be Tan Tian.

As soon as Tan jumped into the battle ring, he looked around. Arrogance shimmered in his eyes. He leisurely surveyed the outer disciples of Drizzle Peak, and then he fixed his gaze on Wurth. He sneered and with a curl of his lips said, "Is there anyone better in Drizzle Peak? Why send a butterball here?"

"Wow ..."

To challenge one of the other peaks was to stand and fight on someone else's turf. In general, challengers tended to keep a low profile, even if they were sure to win.

After all, if they enraged all disciples of that peak, they would be at the risk of being attacked by the bystanders. No matter how powerful they might be, they couldn't withstand the attacks of a crowd of cultivators. Though the rules of Cloud Sect were strict, they couldn't punish numerous offenders. So if Tan were beaten to death by an angry crowd, perhaps no one would be held responsible for his death.

But Tan didn't rein in his arrogance. Winning three games consecutively seemed to have increased his ego. After hearing what Tan said, the outer disciples of Driz

d and retorted.

"Don't want me to whine?" Tan laughed and said, "OK, then, let's begin. I'll give you a good hiding and ensure that you have no power to fight back."

Then Tan raised his hands and burst out brown life energy. With a sudden and loud shout, he put the brown life energy into the ground of the battle ring.

"Sacred Wood Thrust!"

"Peng, Peng!"

When Zen saw this, his brows shot up in surprise. Tan's life energy seemed to have a strong affinity for the metal element. He was able to put his life energy into the battle ring made of gold and iron.

Then, a shining brown light appeared at Wurth's feet. Two brown wood stakes started to come out from where he stood.

Tan was only a half-step into the nature level. The Sacred Wood created by his life energy was half virtual and half real, as it had not yet congealed into a physical form. If he had reached the nature level, the stakes rising from the battle ring would be pieces of real Sacred Wood.

Even so, the attack power of these pieces of Sacred Wood should not be underestimated. If the Sacred Wood hit Wurth, he would be severely wounded and would lose half of his life. Zen was getting nervous at this scene.

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