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   Chapter 113 Humiliation Amplified

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The two halberds were more likely to penetrate Zen even though his body was a powerful spiritual weapon, resulting in Zen being severely wounded or worse.

But, Zen was able to sense the positions of both White Fiend and Black Fiend, which upset the coordinated efforts of the two evils.

Suddenly, Zen's eyes flew open, and he moved a step to the right.

After skillfully dodging the attack, Zen hurled the broken flying knife at the Black Fiend.

Not expecting Zen to have the ability to discover where he was, the Black Fiend used the halberd to defend himself.

The halberd was a top-grade mysterious weapon and when the two of them attacked people together, their power could be equal to that of a spiritual weapon. Black Fiend lifted the one in his hands to parry the incoming attack from Zen's flying knife.

Regrettably, the Black Fiend underestimated the power and strength of the broken flying knife.

As the two weapons collided, the halberd was halved, and the knife continued to fly to its original target, the Black Fiend.

With his head separating from his neck, the Black Fiend's final thoughts were a mass of confusion, 'How did Zen discover me...?

How is that blade so strong...?'

as he lay there, the Black Fiend faded and questioned everything.

"No! Black Fiend!"

Shrouded in mist, the White Fiend hollered in anger at the sight of his partner dying at Zen's hands and vengefully sent the halberd hurtling at Zen.

Having already penetrated the veil of invisibility cloaking the White Fiend, Zen dodged his attack easily.

Realizing he was at a disadvantage, the White Fiend decided to conceal himself amid the mists and waited for the right moment to destroy Zen.

Without mercy, Zen stabbed her utilizing his soul strength.

Filled with excruciating pain, the White Fiend fell over. His neck was severed and he surrendered to the power of the broken flying knife.

The two evils perished in combat!

Shortly afterward, the black and white mists, along with the life vitality that brought them to be, began to disperse slowly.....

In front of the Green Haze group, Martin stood, staring at the vast expanse of mist fearfully.

Fully aware that there was a fierce battle between two evils and Zen beside him, Martin was concerned when all he could see was mist.

Although he was confident in Zen's martial art skills, he didn't think Zen had a chance winning because the gulf between Zen's expertise and his foes' was overwhelming.

However, gradually, the mist dissipated and Zen came into view, standing near the remains of his two opponents.

Emerging the victor was Zen!

Sighing in relief, Martin admired Zen's ingenuity and ability to create consecutive miracles.....

Meanwhile, Martin realized Zen could defeat him with a single blow.....

However, he thought it was reasonable and he could accept the fact.

As soon as he saw the severed heads of the two evils, Liam's shocked panic paralyzed him.

His entire body was racked with violent, uncontrollable shuddering.

Seeing Zen walking in his direction carrying the hal

andall was nearly on Zen, he stopped to aim his icy spear and launched it at Zen.

The icy spear whizzed along the air at Zen as fast as the golden needle that Liam had sent at him earlier.

Sensing the threat behind him, Zen was about to turn and dodge it, but that proved to be a futile move.

"Swoo-oosh!" as the spear sliced the air, it passed Zen's shoulder, the razor-like tip shredding his tunic and cutting into his skin as it flew. Blood spurted like a geyser from the fresh wound.

'Randall's prowess is worthy of his reputation in martial arts!' Zen admired his rival's talent silently.

Glancing at the graze on his shoulder, Zen knew he had barely managed to escape death. Randall's ability and force were, indeed, a threat to take seriously.

But, Zen had a few tricks up his sleeve still.

In an earlier battle, when he went against the queen blade locust, Zen wasn't able to counter her strikes as he could now.

Zen had a secret weapon that would turn the tables in his favor.

As Randall drew nearer, Zen volleyed his broken flying knife, throwing it behind him, at his antagonist.

During Zen's encounter with the two evils, the mist was so thick that Randall couldn't see, so he was unaware of the might of Zen's secret weapon.

Smirking when he saw the paltry attack Zen sent his way, Randall waved his hand to form an icy shield.

His blunder was classic. Considering a mysterious weapon couldn't endure the impact of the broken flying knife, there was no hope in his icy shield surviving. The shield shattered as the knife hit it, leaving Randall's forehead vulnerable.

Caught off guard, Randall barely had time to duck and fell to the ground.

While Randall might have been Zen's superior at the martial arts level, he was left humbled beyond measure.

His humiliation magnified at tenfold being overwhelmed like this by Zen.

Randall flew into a rage, as the blue veins became visible and were bulging on his forehead. "Zen, that was an underhanded move, and sooner or later, I will make you suffer for this!"

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