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   Chapter 110 White Fiend And Black Fiend (Part Two)

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If he counted the crystal core of the queen blade locust, Zen would be able to exchange all the cores for one thousand and five hundred points.

As a new disciple who had joined Cloud Sect less than a month ago, Zen had accumulated one thousand five hundred points through his effort. If the other disciples knew about this, they would sigh at the injustice of fate.

Early on the sixth day, Zen prepared to hunt with the Green Haze Group.

They went into the jungle and killed two flocks of blade locusts. While the soldiers were stripping the corpses off their crystal cores, Martin asked Zen, "You said that as long as you stay here, the conspirators will plan another attack on you. But nothing has happened in the past few days. What happened to them?"

Since Zen had promised to help Martin get his revenge, Martin hadn't reported Randall to the main camp. Martin knew that his complaint would backfire as he had no evidence and his superiors at the main camp wouldn't believe him.

Zen had reassured Martin that they would take action again, but it had been several days, and no one had come for Zen. Martin was understandably anxious.

"I didn't expect these guys to be so patient. Don't worry. We will kill our blade locusts and wait," said Zen. He pulled out the crystal core of a leader of the blade locust and stuffed it into his space ring.

Sensing tension in the air, Zen looked up and said, "I've just praised the conspirators for their patience. But it seems that they can no longer wait."

Zen was more acute than the average people. He was able to feel a person's intent to kill from far away.

After a while, three men came out of the jungle.

Liam of Drizzle Peak led the way. Behind him walked two men. One was dark-skinned, and the other was white-skinned. Zen had seen them in the military camp's yard before. He had been deeply impres

hey wielded their weapons and rushed into battle formation.

However, Zen waved his hand to stop Martin. He quickly explained, "You don't have to get involved in this. They came for me, and I have to deal with them myself."

Zen stepped forward to prepare for the battle. The Green Haze Group had lost so many soldiers because of Zen. He didn't want to involve them anymore.

Black Fiend and White Fiend emitted strange laughter when they heard Zen.

"Not only will you die today, but the whole Green Haze Group will also die with you."

"If I were you, I would kneel and kill myself at once. Now fall into our hands, you will die miserably."

After saying that, White Fiend and Black Fiend mutated their life vitality into black and white smog. In the next instant, the smog turned into two pythons and swept along the ground toward Zen.

'They are releasing their life vitality, ' thought Zen while dodging two Fiends' attacks.

Although Zen was confident of his body, which had become a spiritual weapon, he still needed to be cautious. After all, this was the first time he was facing cultivators at the nature refining level. What made the fight even more challenging was that he was fighting two people at the same time.

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