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   Chapter 108 Conjectures (Part Two)

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So, Zen changed the topic and asked, "Roger, how many points can be exchanged for the queen's crystal core?"

Hearing Zen ask such a silly question, Sun, who had not spoken for a long time, began to cough violently. He even had to thump his chest with his hands to stop the coughing! He turned to Zen and asked incredulously, "Whoa, whoa, Zen! You don't know?"

Zen shrugged his shoulders, showing that he really knew nothing about it. Since he had never thought himself capable of getting the queen blade locust's crystal core, Zen had never looked into it.

"The queen blade locust's crystal core can be exchanged for a thousand points. So, you are going to have a small fortune," said Roger with a broad smile.

"A small fortune ..." Zen and Sun were both shocked when they heard Roger. A thousand points were equal to two thousand cubic crystals! In the entire Burning Sky Empire, no more than 50 clans, most of which were the noble clans, possessed 2, 000 cubic crystals.

But to Roger, it was a small sum of money. Zen and Sun couldn't help being in awe of Roger. They assumed that all children of noble clans were billionaires.

"A thousand points is a lot of money. But it's not enough. I'll stay here and earn more points," said Zen while looking at Roger.

It was true that Zen had initially sought to gain 100 points to get a ticket to visit his sister at Hell Mountain, but Zen had changed his mind. He wanted to earn as many as possible by killing the greatest number of blade locusts.

Saving Yan Luo from Hell Mountain would cost him a million points. And so far, Zen had accumulated only about one-thousandth of what he needed.

Hunting for blade locusts, especially the blade locust officers, was an excellent opportunity for Zen to earn points. The insect aggression usually lasted two or three months every year. After this period, he would have

an Luo from Hell Mountain as long as he accumulated a million points. He was so naive.

It was not quite as easy as that. But if Zen could accumulate a million points and had the power to save Yan Luo from Hell Mountain, the Meng Clan could also give them a proper hand at the back.

But Zen's strength was the premise of everything. Meng Clan's assistance depended on whether Zen had the ability to do so.

That was what Roger thought about all this. He didn't realize that he was very concerned about Zen. He said, "Since you are determined to stay here and continue to hunt for blade locusts, you must be careful about those people!"

Zen nodded and thanked him, "I will pay attention to them, and thank you for your help, Roger."

Roger patted Zen on the shoulder as a faint smile danced on his lips. Then he said, "Don't mention it. I hope you accumulate a million points as soon as possible and bring her out of Hell Mountain!"

Zen did a double take when he heard what Roger said. He had mentioned that he needed a million points. He hadn't said anything about Yan Luo. It was amazing that Roger was able to guess Zen's purpose based on this detail!

No wonder Roger was the elite figure in the Meng clan. He was brilliant!

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