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   Chapter 101 Transformation Into The Spiritual Weapon (Part Two)

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Zen knew how mysterious weapons differed from spiritual weapons. During the blooded test, he suffered horrific injuries from the dagger, which was one of spiritual weapons that Ryan used. Ryan would have defeated Zen if it wasn't for his body possessing the might of a top grade mysterious weapon.

Once Zen's body evolved into a spiritual weapon, his strengths would be naturally and significantly enhanced regardless of what he was capable of withstanding.

That brought the most critical point to Zen's mind.

"The most remarkable difference between spiritual and mysterious weapons isn't in their tenacity or sharpness. Instead, each spiritual weapon has a unique, extraordinary skill of its own. Like, Ryan's had a mighty silk energy thread he could summon," murmured Zen to the empty cavern.

"Since my body has been upgraded now to the equivalent spiritual weapon, I wonder what kind of 'skill' I will gain." Wondering about the possibilities excited Zen even more.

"Now, how do I trigger the skill of the spiritual weapon though?' reflected Zen.

Standing on the solid lake, Zen extended one hand out, breathed in and out, and loudly shouted, "Hai!" Rushing ahead two steps, he raised one leg, spinning in the air as he did, executing a spinning kick.

As he went through the motions, Zen's moves looked awkward.

After some trials and erroneous moves, Zen stood still, scratched his head and chuckled, thinking he was behaving idiotically.

Since he didn't even know if he had a spiritual weapon skill, it was impossible for him to test it the way he was.

When Zen stopped performing the senseless actions, the gold foil covering his body suddenly vanished from sight, leaving the cave in darkness all over again.

Zen pulled a fire starter out of his space ring. As he rubbed it, the cave lit up.

He looked around and saw nothing but the corpses of the queen blade locust and fire scorpion lion.

Earlier, when he

ral hours later, he emerged from the cave.

By the time he got back up to the world outside the cave, night had fallen, and it was dark. The sky sparkled brilliantly with millions of stars. Zen realized as he looked up how late it must be.

Zen carefully made his way back across the canyon and jungles, running along the paths he had followed during the daylight in the direction of the Dragon Fort.

Fortunately, blade locusts spent their night in ensconcing in their lairs, only venturing out under the rarest of unusual situations because they weren't nocturnal by nature. Any other beasts that would normally be out hunting at night were driven away by the insect aggression. Therefore, Zen didn't run into any beasts as he made his way through the thick jungles.

It took him a long time, but, finally, the Dragon Fort came into his view.

Once he reached the Dragon Fort, Zen strode to the building where Martin lived.

Martin was housed with other members of the Green Haze group in the barracks. Zen saw two guards stationed outside the barracks as he approached the building.

When the guards saw Zen, they immediately raised their lances, shouting, "Halt! Who goes? This is the barrack of the Green Haze Group! No visitors are welcome late at night. Leave immediately!"

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