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   Chapter 97 Tragic Plight (Part One)

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Watching what happened to Tank, knocked his fellow disciples, Zen, Roger and Sun, for a loop. And they felt a massive sense of loss in their hearts.

While the four of them hadn't deliberately sought each other out, they had become a close-knit team in a short time. There was an understanding among them from following and working closely with the Green Haze Group to fight the blade locusts.

But, only a few hours after they formed the team, one of the four was killed on the spot. At this moment, naturally, the mood in their hearts was one of sorrow. They couldn't help mourning for Tank's fate. What if all of them died here today?

As they were feeling sorry for themselves, Martin roared and shot an arrow aiming at the queen blade locust's compound eye as he ran. As the arrow sailed through the air drawing near the queen's eye, she extended her blade-like appendage, batting it from the sky and it clattered harmlessly to the ground.

In an uproar at the arrow, the queen blade locust targeted Martin next, lumbering after him.

"Everyone, just run! I'll distract the queen and lead her away!" yelled Martin, in apparent acceptance of his fate, whether life or death.

Chasing Martin, the queen blade locust was no longer blocking their way, giving others a slim chance of escaping.

However, the situation was still grave, aside from the queen, there was a mass of blade locusts waiting, along with hundreds of blade locust officers.

The soldiers of the Green Haze Group lit their bamboo torches, sending smoke and flame billowing into the air. Whether ordinary blade locusts or the officers, they were repelled by the smoke, fearing it. They scattered in all directions. Finally, a passage cleared ahead of the troops.

"Let's go! We're moving

queen blade locust was a few feet from Martin, the broken knife slashed through the crucial point of her forelimb.

Although the carapace of the queen was notably hard, the broken knife effortlessly sliced into it.


In a split second, the blade cracked and was separated from the queen's body. It fell to the ground with a heavy thud. Shocked Martin stood frozen with a dumbfounded expression, as his mind took a moment to figure out what just happened.


shrieked the queen blade locust in agony.

Both Zen and Martin felt a stabbing pain from her screech piercing their eardrums.

The compound eyes on her head rolled around, searching for the source of pain and soon focused on Zen nearby. She turned her fury on Zen, raising her other blade and swiftly hacking in a downward motion at him!

Prepared for her retaliation, Zen evaded the horrible blow, sprinting away in the other direction.

The blade came down hard, leaving a long crack in the ground. She pulled the blade back, and let loose a monstrous scream from her mandible. All her hatred was focused on Zen as she rushed him, forgetting Martin, her earlier target.

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