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   Chapter 96 A Rich Harvest Of Crystal Cores (Part Two)

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There were many more of blade locusts than there had been in the previous waves, but thanks to the presence of Zen "the Windmill," they were destroyed more quickly than before. After the dozens of blade locust officers were slaughtered, the remaining blade locusts withdrew.

Since there was a heap of blade locust corpses on the ground waiting for Zen to pick through, gathering the spoils, he didn't give chase to the retreating blade locusts.

Martin was puzzled at the sight of the blade locusts retreating, a thought flashed, and his face darkened at the possibility that came to his mind.

"No! Impossible! Retreat! Everyone, fall back!" shouted Martin in an urgent tone.

Hearing Martin shouting, Zen stopped plucking crystal cores from within the blade locust officers' chests with his knife, and asked in bewilderment, "What? Why?"

"When ordinary blade locusts retreat, it means... It means that there must be..." Martin's face was white, and his fear gripped him, making him unable to finish his sentence.

"What? There must be what?" Seeing the fear on Martin's face made Zen realize how dangerous the situation must be.

"Queen... blade locust!" stammered Martin with a guttural grunt.

He had been at the Dragon Fort for many years and knew the habits of the blade locusts, and that both the officers and the average blade locusts were under the orders of a queen blade locust. The blade locust officers could think independently, but the real commander of the army was the queen.

Without independent thought, each common blade locust was a daredevil. No matter how formidable the enemy was, they wouldn't hesitate to attack, so, in general, they didn't have the concept of fleeing or retreating.

In this aspect, they were natural warriors.

On the other hand, since they were retrea

run!" The superior qualities Martin possessed as a member of the imperial army were evident at this life and death moment.

The words were hardly out of Martin's mouth when the queen blade locust moved again. She was huge, but she moved incredibly fast. She deftly blocked the road to the side, her two giant blades cutting across the crowd again.

At this crucial moment, Zen leaped into the air, narrowly avoiding the blade that was coming at him and rolled over it.

Others were not as fortunate. Eight more men were cut down by the blades of the queen.

Standing behind the soldiers, Tank saw the giant blades bearing down on him, and it was too late for him to dodge. With a desperate yet determined look on his face, he gathered his strength and at the last moment, his entire body shimmered with a golden light.

As a cultivator half-step into the nature level, he let loose a burst of remarkable power while he hung on by a thread.


Tank focused his golden aura from within his body to a single point, and shot it at the giant blades.

In a tragic scene, Tank's fierce power stopped the queen blade locust momentarily before her blades sliced him in two, mercilessly.

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