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   Chapter 95 A Rich Harvest Of Crystal Cores (Part One)

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Confronted with six blade locust officers at once would have even a hardiest refiner at the nature level quaking in his boots.

A blade locust officer was more powerful, in both speed and strength, than the average blade locust. However, it was the venomous thorns that were the most frightening.

In the desert, there was a scorpion whose deadly sting killed any creature that was stung, instantly, and, in the forest, there was a ghost-like butterfly whose powder was so toxic that it would make the area desolate for miles around.

However, refiners at the nature level weren't usually frightened of those creatures, given that their life vitality could prohibit toxins from entering their bodies. Simply put, it was more difficult for toxins to affect their bodies.

Differing from those two deadly creatures, the venom that the blade locust officers possessed wasn't fatal. Instead, the toxin severely paralyzed the victim and could break through the life vitality barrier to penetrate the human body. Even those who reached the nature level were unable to move once infected.

Thus, when it came to fighting the blade locust officers, everyone needed to be on guard. After all, once paralyzed, one was nothing but food for blade locusts.

Others feared the blade locust officer's poison, but not Zen.

Considering his body was a mysterious weapon, there wasn't any poison that could harm him.

Therefore, although it seemed foolhardy of him to rush at the blade locust officers alone, in actuality, he was quite prepared.

As he leaped through the air, he slipped a ring on one finger, while the other was steadfast on the broken flying knife. They were the pair

d earn him one point, and he had just beheaded six in one fell swoop, which was equivalent to six points he had gained. Fighting like this would earn him points much quicker than he could by killing ordinary blade locusts.

But, blade locust officers differed from the common ones.

They were intelligent, which meant they weren't prone to daredevil tactics like the average blade locusts.

When the remaining officers saw that Zen had killed six of their cohorts in a single strike, they scattered and avoided him, while commanding more common ones to attack him.

Zen kept swinging his arm. Under the strong outward force, the broken flying knife whirled violently around him.

"Whirl, whoosh..."

Dozens of blade locusts charged Zen, but Zen adjusted his position, and they were sliced in half by the flying knife. Their remains were littering the ground. To Zen, the blade locusts were as defenseless as ants, even though others freaked out at the mere mention of them.

Soon blade locust carcasses were piled up like a hill, and among them were the heads of several purple blade locust officers.

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