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   Chapter 93 Disgraced Himself (Part Two)

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At this display of power, silence descended in the tavern.

Fights between the Imperial Army and Cloud Sect were very common.

Although disciples of Cloud Sect were highly skilled, soldiers of the Imperial Army were strongmen who had experienced combats extensively. They had acquired valuable practical skills from fighting. This gave them a slight advantage and brought them at par with the Cloud Sect disciples.

However, a soldier had now been humiliated by a young cultivator at the marrow refining level.

All the soldiers felt ashamed.

Under normal circumstances, the entire tavern would have been involved in a skirmish like this.

But, today, everyone knew that Wu had deliberately provoked Zen. What made them more hesitant to get involved was that Wu had instigated a junior disciple at the marrow refining level to fight him.

Although the soldiers in the Imperial Army were not physically well-groomed, they were sensible. Today, Wu was totally out of luck as he had disgraced himself. He shouldn't blame Zen who was at the marrow refining level.

At that moment, even Martin felt a little embarrassed.

Zen had joined the Green Haze Group at Martin's invitation. Martin was now in a quandary. On one hand, it would be rude for him to embarrass Zen because Wu had chosen to incite the young disciple in a show of strength. On the other hand, Zen's strength had been astounding. As a result, he humiliated Wu completely. Seeing that Wu was still lying motionless on the floor, Martin resented him a little. After all, both he and Wu were members of the Imperial Army.

Thus, Martin felt that he had been humiliated by association. 'Wu overestimated his abilities after drinking some wine. Cloud Sect is a sacred place of martial arts. Its students are talented in different skills. Since Wu chose to disgrace himself, he deserves the insult, ' thought Martin.

In this situation, Martin's only choice was to smooth things over, and to this end, he said, "Well, the fight is over. Tomorrow, we have work to do. I think it's best if we rest early..."

While the explanation was feeble, it gave the soldiers, including Wu, a reason to exc


Liam nodded and replied, "Yes, I am very certain about this."

"If so, ask him to come out so that I can kill him with a slap and fulfill Fren's task. Am I right? After that, we can go right back on the flying chariot," both young men said simultaneously.

Liam closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose as his head throbbed. He recalled that the white-skinned man was called White Fiend, and the black-skinned one was Black Fiend. The two formed a group known as Black Fiend and White Fiend.

Although the two young men were very powerful, they were also unruly and grumpy. They would beat and kill people on impulse as long as they were enraged.

Recalling Fren's promise, Liam tried hard to suppress his anger upon hearing what White Fiend and Black Fiend had said. He patiently explained, "Dragon Fort is under the control of the Imperial Army. Do you think you will survive after you kill a person here on a whim?"

"Then, what should we do? Do we really have to kill that guy after he leaves here?" White Fiend asked with a gloomy face.

"Since he was willing to come to Dragon Fort, he will eventually get out here to hunt and kill blade locusts. When that happens, you will have many chances to kill him. If we plan it well, we might think of many funny and entertaining ways to kill him. Who knows, we might not even have to get involved directly," as Liam said this, a cunning smile grew on his face.

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