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   Chapter 92 Disgraced Himself (Part One)

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"But that guy is half-step into the nature level. You will be in an unfavorable position!" said Tank Yang anxiously.

Sun Zhao nodded in agreement and said, "Yes, Tank is right. Zen, this fight will be unfair for you."

Martin wanted to stop Zen as soon as he heard what they had said. He knew of Wu's strength. Wu was one of the best among the soldiers who were half-step into the nature level. Zen would be at a disadvantage if he fought with him.

But before Martin could stand up, Roger put a hand on his shoulder, shook his head in disapproval, and said, "Let Zen make the choice. We have to believe in his abilities. After all, he joined the Imperial Army to fight the blade locusts with the soldiers. He needs to prove his worth to them."

"But..." Martin thought over what Roger had said. However, he remained unconvinced. He wanted to say more, but before he could, Roger interrupted him again. Roger murmured, "I think Zen is extraordinary even though he is at the marrow refining level."

After all, Roger Meng was one of top disciples in the nature level, and so his foresight naturally differed from others.

Once Roger showed confidence in Zen's abilities, Martin had no reason to try and dissuade Zen. Although he decided to keep quiet, his hesitance was reflected in his expression. Wu didn't care as much about Zen's reputation.

"Haha. In spite of his inferior strength, this guy is brave enough to accept my challenge. Buddies, come here. Let's move these tables and chairs so that some space can be made for the fight!" Wu yelled.

The sounds of shuffling feet and scraping chairs filled the tavern as the other soldiers positioned themselves so that they could watch the fight.

Tavern brawls were common between soldiers at Dragon Fort. The waiters who had been watching the argument hurriedly moved the tables and chairs away. At last, a large space was cleared.

Wu stood in the center of the space. A grin spread on his lips as he gestured at Zen before saying, "Brat, come here!"


that his face and neck had turned dark red. In the current situation, Wu found himself in a dilemma. He could neither advance nor retreat.

A weaker cultivator had just defeated him.

All the bystanders inside the tavern were taken aback when they saw this incredible scene.

Since they were his battle companions, they knew of Wu's strength.

They hadn't expected that Zen, who was only at the marrow refining level, would be able to grab Wu's fist with a single hand.

This was not an ordinary feat. Even Martin, who had reached the nature level, couldn't do that. This indicated that Zen was more powerful than Wu.

What others didn't know was that Zen had woken up four dragon scales, and was hence almost as powerful as a strong man at the nature level.

Seeing that Wu couldn't shake off his grip, Zen took a deep breath. Soon afterward, he swung his arm and pushed Wu back.

Wu's eyes widened with surprise and fear when he felt Zen's power flowing through his arms. Before he could process what had happened, Wu found himself flying backward. He crashed through several rows of tables and chairs before colliding with a wooden cabinet. All the furniture Wu had been hurled through now lay on the floor in a pile of shattered wood. At last, Wu collided with the wall before falling to the floor in a motionless heap.

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