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   Chapter 89 Rescued (Part One)

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According to the records of beasts rankings in the Eastern Region, the ordinary blade locusts were considered level three monsters.

However, the difference between other beasts that were level three and the blade locusts was that blade locusts never appeared alone.

"If you come across a single blade locust, there are at least two thousand more behind that one!"

Although it was an exaggeration, it showed just how vast the numbers were, and so the saying spread throughout the south.

In the face of such vast numbers of blade locusts, refiners were afraid to deal with them, whether were half a step into the nature level or at nature level.

At present, disciples from the Cloud Sect had managed to kill a few hundred blade locusts, because each one had good strength.

Blade locust corpses were piled high around the wreckage, accumulating a body hill.

No matter how high the pile of dead blade locusts got, it seemed endless amounts were coming at the disciples!

"Aah!" came a sudden scream. It was a disciple rushing the blade locusts in a drastic move. Even if the others wanted to save him, it was too late. In an instant, a large group of locusts knocked him to the ground and were gnawing his limbs, until nothing remained and the blade locusts scattered.

As the other disciples watched this gnarly scene, a shiver went through each of them.

No one wanted to be the next to be ripped apart and eaten alive by these gruesome monsters.

Wave on wave of blade locusts came at them though, and once everyone's energy was sapped, they would die.

As the onslaught continued, the disciples felt their melancholy attitudes deepening within, and their attacks became weaker.

It was now that one of the disciples shouted, "Cheer up! No sl

coming from the woods before a large number of serious looking men appeared at the edge of trees, all dressed in uniforms, marching in unison, and each carrying bamboo sticks on their backs.

"It's the imperial army!"

whispered more than one of the disciples at the sight of the imperial army. The Cloud Sect disciples visibly relaxed.

The Burning Sky Empire would send a considerable number of the imperial army yearly to war the Insect Aggression.

Compared with the Cloud Sect disciples, the imperial army had unified action and a good sense of discipline. While the individual strength of an imperial soldier might not be comparable to a single Cloud Sect disciple, the unified power of the imperial army shouldn't be underestimated.

The imperial army formed orderly rows, and then a young man with a crew cut stepped forward and spoke earnestly, "I am Martin Lu, the centurion of the Green Haze Group! Disciples of the Cloud Sect, listen carefully! If you want to live, follow us!"

After Martin Lu issued his commands, the Cloud Sect disciples stood there, staring at blade locust corpses piled high.

They came here to earn points, not for a holiday.

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