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   Chapter 88 A Sudden Attack In The Skies (Part Two)

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The sound came from behind Zen as a sword sliced through the air, black-red light shimmering from it as it cleaved the blade locust's head open.

Despite the sword split its head open, the beast wielded its blades in a frenzy driven assault. Thankfully, the man-sized insect was swinging blindly and had lost both its speed and strength, giving Zen a chance to duck to safety.

"Thanks for saving me, man," Zen said to the disciple in a black robe as he found a safer spot in the corner. The disciple looked young and wore his hair long. The black-red energy on his sword wasn't constructed by using life energy but was made up of genuine life vitality! Given those facts, this young man was at the nature level!

"No worries, it was nothing. Besides, we're both disciples from the Cloud Sect," offered the young man lightly. "By the way, blade locusts have exceedingly tough abdomens. Their heads are the weak spots. Don't let them get a strike in or surround you unless you are as strong as iron," he added kindly.

Zen nodded, indicating that he got it. The young man, cold as he seemed, had not only saved him but had given him vital details about the insect's weaknesses. It was very rare to meet such a good person from the Cloud Sect.

Blade locusts began continually hurtling themselves at the flying chariot. The battle was on.

No one expected the beasts to dive onto the flying chariot as they soared on their way to the destination.

Amid the struggle, an alarmed voice shouted, "Blade locusts are tearing through the bottom of the chariot!"

The flying chariot housed its power in the bottom, so if the base was demolished,

oming blades, concentrating his strength on his arm, and smashing the head with a single blow. After that, he grabbed the body and threw it behind him, blocking the two blade locusts that were rushing at him from behind.

These beasts outnumbered the refiners, and being surrounded like this was quite intimidating.

So, Zen heeded the earlier advice and tried not to get entrapped by a swarm of blade locusts.

Of the four blade locusts that attacked, he killed one with his fist and blocked two more behind him, which left just one. It would be easier to deal with the left one. Before it could strike with its blades, Zen reached out fast to its abdominal joints. With one firm yank, he ripped the two blades off.

In fact, Zen thought a single blade locust wasn't that difficult to deal with.

Disciples that were half-step into the nature level were able to kill a single blade locust with ease, as well as those at the marrow refining level. Actually, even at the organ refining level, one might be able to defeat a locust, if they put all their strength into their actions.

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