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   Chapter 87 A Sudden Attack In The Skies (Part One)

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Flying chariots were uncommon in the empire because they cost as much as a top-grade mysterious weapon.

Another reason they were rarely seen was that a top-grade mysterious weapon could enhance a refiner's strength while a flying chariot was only a means of transport.

As such, none of the households in the C County where the Luo family was from would spend that sort of money on a flying chariot.

Only places with wealth, like the Imperial Capital, were flying chariots commonplace.

As the enormous chariot hovered, slowly descending from the air, Zen stood awestruck at the sight. This was the first chariot of this size he ever saw!

Other disciples that were waiting were used to seeing them and stood up when they saw the huge chariot approaching. It was time for them to set out.

The enormous flying chariot docked next to the Bluesky Parking Ground, and a pontoon bridge extended from its side to the edge of the ground. A few people were disembarking from the flying chariot waiting near the pontoon bridge.

The disciples of the Cloud Sect waiting on the ground handed their tokens to the checkers. After tickets were checked, the disciples strode across the bridge and climbed aboard the flying chariot.

Zen followed the crowd. When he walked up to the checkers, he presented his token. The checkers appeared surprised when they read Zen was just at the marrow refining level, but they didn't make any comments. After examining the token, they motioned Zen to board the flying chariot.

After that, Zen crossed the pontoon bridge and boarded the flying chariot.

Inside, the chariot was spacious, with rows of seats along the walls that were fixed to t

ler heads prevailed and everyone moved to the middle of the chariot quickly.

"Was that a blade locust?" asked Zen.

He had seen it clearly. It was emerald green, with compound eyes that took up most of its head, and was the size of an adult man. With wings protruding from its back, the insect had six appendages, and the two uppermost looked like long flat blades and were extremely sharp. This beast was brutal and hideous.

Zen had just gotten out of his seat when the window next to him shattered, and a blade locust came through right at him.

A pair of green blades flew through the open window towards Zen's waist, slicing from either side at breakneck speed.

This being Zen's first encounter with the evil beast, he was nervous. But, instead of flinching, he threw a powerful punch aimed at the beast's abdomen.

However, the exoskeleton covering its abdomen was thick.

Zen thought he could crack the exoskeleton with a single blow, but it was too thick.


His attack failed, giving the giant insect an opening to strike back swinging its two blade-like forelimbs.


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