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   Chapter 86 Bluesky Parking Ground (Part Two)

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Most of the disciples were dressed in black robes, and only a few wore white robes. Everyone looked powerful and aggressive. Apparently, they had been forged in the sea of blood and had improved their power through life and death experience.

Regardless of whether it was an outer disciple in a white robe or an inner disciple in a black robe, when they saw Zen, astonishment flashed in their eyes.

What surprised them was not that there was anything special about Zen, but that he was only at the marrow refining level. His cultivation level was too low for this task.

The mission of shielding against the insect aggression was not easy. For starters, blade locusts attacked in large numbers. If that wasn't daunting enough, each locust was extremely strong. What was scarier was that they didn't fear death. Even in the face of several strong men, many desperate blade locusts would dash ahead and lay siege on their enemies regardless of their safety.

Even a cultivator who was a half-step into the nature level was likely to be killed by the blade locusts if he didn't pay attention to their siege.

So the minimum eligibility for accepting this task was that the disciple be a half-step cultivator into the nature level.

But now a person at the marrow refining level had been accepted for the task. It was thus, normal for them to have such a strange reaction.

Zen ignored the astonished look on these people. He found a corner on the Bluesky Parking Ground, sat down, and closed his eyes.

Opposite Zen stood four or five inner disciples. As they whispered among each other, they shot several glances at Zen.

Their voices were neither too loud nor too low. It was just at the right level for Zen to hear clearly. Apparently, they were speaking at that level on purpose.

"Since when can a cultivator at the marrow refining level accept such a dangerous mission?"

"There are many different kinds of people in the world. It is fo


Zen didn't respond to the strong man's words.

The strong man continued, "Well, to tell you the truth, if you want to hunt for blade locusts, you'd better team up with a few people to avoid being surrounded by the blade locusts. Why don't you join us?"

Zen rejected his suggestion with an emphatic shake of his head, "Thanks, I'm used to being alone."

After that Zen looked for another corner. After having found a quiet place, he sat down and closed his eyes again.

The scene had attracted the attention of many people on the ground.

Most people put aside their contempt, including some of the inner disciples who were stepping into the nature level. Seriousness gleamed in their eyes.

All cultivators liked to put themselves in a hypothetically dangerous situation. They wondered if they could have avoided Zen's flying knife had they been in the strong man's position.

Most people already knew that they couldn't. Zen's reaction was too quick, and his knife was too sudden.

Of course, Zen had better things to do than try to figure out why these disciples were staring at him and what they were thinking about. As he meditated, Zen heard a trembling sound in the air. When he looked up, he saw a monolith descending from the sky.

It was a giant flying chariot.

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