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   Chapter 85 Bluesky Parking Ground (Part One)

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Later that night, Zen took out Anthony's Purple Blue Sword and examined it.

The sword was aesthetic and of good quality.

Its scabbard was inlaid with colorful gems and gold threads. Since the sword was well preserved, Zen could see that Anthony had taken great care of it.

As Zen pulled the blade out of the scabbard, a whoosh sound filled the silence in the room. When the blade was free of its casing, the sword emanated a purple and blue light.

"What a good sword!"

It was a top grade mysterious weapon. The sword looked like it was at the same level as Evil Lan's Hell Fire Sword. But Zen felt that the sword's quality was much better than that of the Hell Fire Sword.

He hesitated a little. It was a pity that such a good sword had to be melted.

Anthony had asked his friends to talk with Zen. He wanted to recover his sword, but Zen categorically refused him.

To improve his strength, Zen had to offer the sword to the cyan dragon.

Zen frowned thoughtfully as he gazed at the sword. A while later, Zen had made his decision. Without hesitating further, he began to communicate with the furnace in his mind.

The black flame shot out of his brow and headed straight for the Purple Blue Sword. The black flame was so quick that a strange arc was drawn in the air.

The sword was like firewood. It burned from point to pommel in an instant! When the black flame thoroughly devoured the sword, a few drops of molten iron essence were left behind. In the dimly lit room, these drops of molten iron gave off a brilliant light.

Zen counted the particles of the molten iron essence. His eyes lit up with the number. He murmured, "The Purple Blue Sword is at the same leve

insect aggression would probably be over by the time the disciples arrived.

Therefore, most disciples used the Bluesky Parking Ground to reach their destination quicker.

There were gigantic flying chariots in Cloud Sect and the Bluesky Parking Ground was the place where the gigantic flying chariots parked. The chariot was so quick that it would take only a day to reach the southern part of the Empire.

Now that Zen had stopped at the Bluesky Parking Ground, it must mean that he was also going South to kill the blade locusts.

Liam wondered why Zen was in a hurry to take a task that seemed beyond his ability.

"Since you're in such a hurry to die, I'll give you a hand!" With a cold smile on his face, Liam retreated slowly. He would report the matter to Fren first.

The Bluesky Parking Ground was a man-made square landing pad, about ten feet high.

When Zen climbed up the steps, he found that many Cloud Sect disciples were waiting.

They were at the Bluesky Parking Ground for the same purpose as Zen. They had all accepted the task of destroying the insect aggression as ordered by Cloud Sect.

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