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   Chapter 84 An Angry Master Su (Part Two)

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The tasks in this pamphlet were beyond Zen's capabilities.

Even though it seemed senseless, Zen continued to scan the pages and came on another task.

There was no set amount for this task. Instead, it offered a range between a single point and many thousands of points.

Reading this task through carefully, Zen noted the mission was to resist an insect assault.

Insect attacks were a big problem plaguing the southern part of the empire.

From April to May every year, a massive influx of blade locusts carried devastating disasters to the south.

There was no such thing as simple where blade locusts were concerned. Unlike common insects, each blade locust was the size of a human adult.

In order to resist an invasion of blade locusts, the Empire dispatched large numbers of troops yearly to travel south and eliminate them.

But, the Empire's forces weren't enough, and many were sent south from the Cloud Sect too.

That was why the task was offered in the pamphlet.

"For killing twenty blade locusts, you receive a point. If you slay a blade locust leader, you will get another point..." Zen calculated the numbers in his head quickly. Shortly after that, he said, "Master Su, I'd like to accept the task of repelling an insect invasion!"

When Master Su heard Zen, she gave a subtle yet sly grin and blinked in an exaggerated manner while she asked, "You're wise to pick that task. It's the only task in that pamphlet you're able to handle, isn't it?"

Zen smiled but didn't deny it.

He couldn't afford to care about how he earned the points, Zen just needed to obtain them.

A moment ago, Master Su was still laughing, but as quickly, her face changed. "No, don't go!"

The smile on Zen's face was stiff a

that Zen's strength was much more than he had shown. Still, insect invasions were deadly. Among them, were not only normal blade locusts but, there were also much more powerful creatures, increasing the likelihood of Zen perishing from wounds.

If Master Su remained calm, she could talk Zen out of taking part in this task.

The problem was Zen was too eager for instant rewards and success which annoyed Master Su and she wasn't able to stay calm.

Throwing the token at Zen was just an act of emotion, and women were known to be emotionally driven creatures.

Immediately, Master Su regretted snapping at Zen. After all, he was the disciple she worked so hard to get into her Peak, and it was counterproductive to let him go off to die.

Turning her head with the intention of speaking to Zen, she saw Zen's beaming face, thrilled at the sight of the token, which sparked her temper once more and she shot Zen an angry look and disappeared through the courtyard.

Not being a fool, Zen knew very well he had made Master Su mad.

But, he couldn't be concerned about that right now. He needed to earn points so he could save his sister, Yan.

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