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   Chapter 83 An Angry Master Su (Part One)

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The sound of a pen 'skritching' across the paper in a hurry, was all that could be heard in Master Su's room.

Sitting at her desk writing, Master Su didn't look as tired as she felt; instead, she looked as beautiful as an ethereal and delicate as a fairy in her rich purple gown adorned with embroidered clouds.

Glancing at the pile of work stacked on her desk, Aura Su clenched her jaw, rolling her eyes in disdain.

With several of Drizzle Peak's masters off today, she was left to handle it all herself.

Master Su was well aware that the work was left to her on purpose. Did they really think she would surrender just because of the heavy workload? Never!

While Master Su was engrossed in the task at hand, Zen appeared in the doorway and saw the purple figure bent over the desk. He knocked on the door.

"Rap, rap, rap," the sound startled Master Su, and her head shot up. Zen's appearance was unexpected and she was caught off guard. Her face took on an unnatural hue briefly, and she quickly recovered and asked, "Hello Zen, what can I do for you?"

Stepping into the room, Zen replied, "Hello Master Su, I am here to claim some assignments."

"Assignments?" asked Master Su as she blinked. She smiled as she looked up at him. "Actually, you don't need to be so eager. The outer disciples will soon be given some pills, and that should be plenty for you to use to refine yourself."

Ordinarily, there was no rush for a new outer disciple recruit to do a task.

Since the outer disciples' strength was relatively low right now, even if they accepted a task, it would only be simple ones they would be able to manage.

Because the points for these simple tasks were relativ

e. He didn't care whether or not he was able to accept them. Hurriedly, Zen asked, "How do you know that, if I haven't tried? Can I at least look at them?"

While the request was unorthodox and even unreasonable, Master Su produced a second pamphlet, placing it in front of him.

Not bothering to check out what each task was, Zen looked at the row of points, and saw that the first task offered two hundred points!

Glancing over to what was required, Zen's first reaction was shock.

"The assignment is to hunt a shadow beast, skin it, and bring back the whole hide intact"

In the eastern part of the Eastern Region, shadow beasts were a unique species that lived in the Shadow Forest. Since the species was less fertile, they were rare. But, the strength of a single beast was so fierce, that it was rumored if someone at the nature refining level hunted one of these creatures, they would find it almost impossible to make it back alive...

Skimming the next task, Zen saw the reward was two hundred points. This time the requirement was to track and apprehend an infamous prisoner who escaped many years ago.

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