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   Chapter 81 Stay Calm (Part Three)

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"Zen, I respect you for being a newcomer. You are talented. You defeated Leo, which I admire. So I gave you advice that was well-intentioned. I have shown you the right way to deal with this matter. Don't make things worse." Seeing that his words hadn't changed Zen's mind, Liam's tone suddenly hardened. He never thought that Zen would be so proud and unreasonable.

"Oh, really? What is the right way? What will make things worse? I don't like nonsense. If you don't agree with me, then face me in the battle ring," Zen retorted.

"Settling disputes in the battle ring is not the only way to solve a problem. I suggest that both of you compromise. Then the situation will not escalate," another disciple interjected. Zen turned to the disciple who had just spoken only to find a man with a big, fat face smiling at him.

"Wurth, are you here to poke your nose into my business?" Liam's expression showed the agitation he felt when he saw Wurth.

The fat man, Wurth Zhang, was ranked 7th among the outer disciples at Drizzle Peak. From among the ten thousand outer disciples, he was definitely a top master. As a grin spread across Wurth's face, two front teeth were revealed. "Well, your business? I don't accept what you just said. Liam, I know that you have a good relationship with the Zhuge family, but you should not support this servant. The slave is spoiled and defiant. He is proud of being a slave of the Zhuge family. His behavior is superior and supercilious. He seems to forget that he is just a slave. Even a slave to the Emperor's family is still a slave! He shouldn't feel superior to other people. In my opinion, killing him is too harsh. But we should no

talented people. It's awful, but I have been used to it. That's a waste of time wondering about this. I have a long way to go."

"Good point! You got a heroic spirit! Courage is the most essential trait of a hero. How about we have a drink to celebrate?" Wurth suggested.

Zen did not say much. He grabbed Nory and Sean and then followed Wurth. Along the way, they joked and chatted freely with each other, as if they were old friends.

Standing in a small building not far away, Master Su breathed a sigh of relief. She had been anxious about the fight and the tense situation down there. Zen was indeed not easily defeated. She always knew that he was not what he seemed. Not only did he beat Leo, but he had also offended the Zhuge family, a powerful noble clan.

This was beneficial for him. Master Su believed that a person only made rapid progress when under extreme pressure.

The Zhuge family would retaliate now.

Master Su's eyes blinked as she dwelled on that thought for a moment. 'I need to stand up for him. Lady Autumn from Zhuge family owes me a favor!' Master Su now had a plan!

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