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   Chapter 80 Stay Calm (Part Two)

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Formerly known as Fren, the third son in the Zhuge family had been nicknamed as 'Fren the loony'.

Fren's ruthless and tyrannical behavior had earned him this nickname. He was always furious and presumptuous. And so everyone started to call him 'Fren the loony'.

"Oh?" The expression in Zen's eyes changed, and his face became more serious as he remarked, "Fren's servant. What great fame for you! Good prestige! How dare you instigate internal battles in Drizzle Peak?"

As with any other peaks, Drizzle Peak saw its share of in-fighting. But these struggles were internal affairs.

Now that another peak had stepped into Drizzle Peak's internal affairs, all disciples would unite. In fact, the other thirty-two peaks at Cloud Sect were like this, too. Everyone fought behind closed doors. But once they got involved in a fight outside, they united against their common enemy. Unparalleled and consistent.

Thomas had instigated Leo to attack Zen. This interference was taboo and a violation of laws. This was not allowed to happen here!

Therefore, Zen's observation drew the hostility of Drizzle Peak's disciples. Thomas was hurled into the spotlight.

An unfriendly expression grew on the faces of the spectators.

Once the thought clicked in everyone's mind, they all banded together against Thomas. Even though Drizzle Peak was ranked the last among the other peaks, the disciples still felt a strong sense of loyalty toward their Peak and peers.

Fren was powerful, and the Zhuge family was certainly a giant among the noble clans.

Did the power of the Zhuge family mean that the disciples of Drizzle Peak could be bullied? What angered the spectators even

his servant." Zen stared at the outer disciple and asked in a cold voice. While it seemed as though the outer disciple was giving valuable advice to Zen's advantage, he was, in fact, pressuring Zen to bow to the Zhuge family. Zen could see that he was trying to help the Zhuge family. Zen hated it when people tried to curry favor with noble clans.

Before the outer disciple could answer Zen, Thomas, who was still at Zen's mercy screamed, "Liam, don't stand on ceremony with him. Help me kill him. Kill Zen and my master will reward you!"

Liam Cao was ranked 15th among the outer disciples at Drizzle Peak. Though he was just half-step into the nature level, Liam was stronger than Leo. Regardless of his power, Liam could not mingle with children from noble clans like Fren easily because of his background. However, Liam Cao had maintained good relationships with clansmen from the offshoot branches of the Zhuge family.

The purpose of Liam's intervention on Thomas' behalf was to earn favor with Fren. If things went according to plan, this would be a good opportunity for him to be connected with Fren.

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