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   Chapter 79 Stay Calm (Part One)

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The lightning released from Leo gradually dissipated, and his life energy faded away. At the same time, the changes to Leo's body were clearly visible.

His skin had wrinkled, and his hair had turned grey. Leo, who was in his twenties, looked like an older man, aged thirty or forty.

The Raging Holy Thunder was extremely powerful and overbearing, and its terrible power would turn against the cultivator. Zen was astonished when he saw the changes on Leo.

The audience around the battle ring stared at Zen with a fearful expression. To them, it seemed as if he were a horrid, cruel man.

This man had been a member of Drizzle Peak for less than a month. He defeated Leo, who was ranked 30th among the outer disciples. The incredible fight and Leo's ultimate defeat had happened in front of them.

What was more shocking was that Zen was only at the organ refining level.

In time, once he entered the marrow refining level, or perhaps he took a half step into the nature level, wouldn't he be able to challenge a master at the nature level? Zen's power was unbelievable!

Although no one spoke, they were all in awe of what Zen had accomplished.

Regardless of whether this assumption was true or not, Zen's strength was far superior to any other disciple at the same level. It was an established fact. No one could deny that.

Seeing that Leo had been defeated, and having borne witness to what had happened to Leo, Anthony He was furious. He felt restless, as though he needed to do something. He suddenly stretched out his right hand and roared at Nory with a crisp, authoritative tone, "Return the Purple Blue Swor

yed in front of Thomas, blocking his way.

"Was it you who incited Leo to challenge me?" asked Zen as he strolled toward Thomas. He placed himself in front of Thomas and stared coldly at him.

Thomas chuckled, "So what? What are you going to do? I am from the Zhuge Clan. Can anyone here afford to offend the Zhuge family? My master sentenced you to death. And so, you should die. I am here to make sure you die quickly. I suggest you write your last words and prepare for the funeral before it's too late!"

"Zhuge Clan? Who are you in the Zhuge family?" Zen ignored Thomas' outburst and asked.

"Me?" The fat on Thomas' face shook, and his smile grew even more confident. "It doesn't hurt to tell you. I am a close servant of the third son of the Zhuge Clan."

"The third son of the Zhuge Clan? The third son of the Zhuge Clan is involved in this matter?"

"When did Zen provoke the Zhuge family? The third son is a madman!" Someone in the crowd said. Then, the others started to talk about it.

Apparently, many people present had heard about the notorious third son.

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