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   Chapter 78 Reaching The Marrow Refining Level

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"Zen is awesome. Since he is only at the organ refining level, it's not easy for him to withstand Leo's fist for so long. Besides, he has been at Drizzle Peak for a short time," claimed a disciple who was standing outside the combat ring.

"Would you like to tell Master Su, Sean? He may be good for Drizzle Peak in the future. At least, we won't be so passive at the annual tournament of the thirty-three peaks. Apparently, Leo wants to kill him. Zen will die if no one stops this fight," said another concerned disciple.

"No need to disturb Master Su. She is watching from over there," another disciple said as he pointed to a distant pavilion.

When the disciples looked in the direction of the pavilion, they saw a beautiful young woman. Even from a distance, it was easy to recognize Master Su of Drizzle Peak.

Although she had not reacted when Sean had first told her about the duel, Master Su had been very concerned about the fight between Zen and Leo.

Master Su had taken great pains to ensure that Zen would join Drizzle Peak. She wouldn't give him up easily.

According to the rules of Cloud Sect, disciples were allowed to resolve personal grudges by competing in the ring. Even if they killed each other, they were not held responsible.

That was what worried Sean.

However, not many people wanted to kill their opponents in the fight.

Grudges were resolved when the opponent was defeated or humiliated. However, Leo seemed determined to kill Zen.

Master Su didn't know for how long Zen would be able to defend against Leo's assault.

She had hoped that Zen had gained sufficient experience through the extreme challenges that he had already faced. After all, she didn't want him to die.

At that moment, she was in a very conflicted mood. Despite how the fight was going, she persuaded herself to calm down and see how Zen would cope with his strong rival.

She gazed at Zen and frowned when she saw that burns covered his body. The skin on his arms, legs, chest, and neck had turned black! Zen looked miserable and embarrassed.

The power of the Raging Thunder Fist was beyond Zen's expectation. While he had been able to mutate most of the pressure into warm currents that would rejuvenate his body, yet a portion of the thunder and lightning had hurt him a lot.

At present, Zen was afraid that his body would fall apart under Leo's continuous fists.

The Spiritual Thorn cultivation method that he had previously practiced couldn't take effect because Zen kept failing to catch Leo's figure as Leo moved as fast as lightning.

Wham! Again, a heavy punch hit Zen in the chest.

Carrying the astounding power of thunder and lightning, Leo's fist gnawed every inch of Zen's body.

There were black stripes appearing on his skin and the scorched smell of roast meat emanating in the air.

Finally, unable to bear his internal injuries, Zen spat out a mouthful of blood.

Watching Zen with a sneering expression, Leo said, "I thought you were immorta

lly, ' thought Zen. Zen kept his eyes on Leo. He knew there would be new challenges and Zen wanted to observe Leo closely.

Although Leo's Raging Holy Thunder was formidable, Zen wasn't flustered at all.

Because he still had a special cultivation method that hadn't been used. All he needed to do was calm down and concentrate.

"Spiritual Thorn!" shouted Zen.

Just before Leo approached Zen, a sharp thorn condensed from soul shot out of the middle of Zen's brows and stabbed Leo's head instantly.

Leo had hoped to quickly kill Zen with the help of the Raging Holy Thunder. Because the Raging Holy Thunder came at the expense of his life energy. It was powerful but it couldn't last long.

He was shocked by Zen's invisible attack.

A fierce twinge reached into Leo's soul. He couldn't help screaming. Then he stumbled and fell.


Before, Zen thought he had only got a smattering knowledge of the Spiritual Thorn. Hence, he didn't expect his attack to be so effective. The result of the attack on Leo's soul pleased Zen.

"What did you do to me?" Leo stood up weakly. His body swayed with the effort to stand. He was in great pain, as though a long needle had punctured his head.

Zen didn't answer. He stood in his spot and vigilantly watched Leo.

After the severe headache slowly dissipated, Leo looked at Zen with awe. He didn't want to suffer from that kind of pain again, but he had to kill Zen today.

Leo gritted his teeth and decided to use the Raging Holy Thunder once again.

Seeing Leo rushing toward him, Zen prepared to reuse his Spiritual Thorn.

Just like the last time, a grey, sharp thorn silently stabbed Leo's brain.

"Bang!" Leo fell after the attack. He rolled on the floor with his head in his arms.

This time, Zen decided not to give Leo any chance to resist. A purple light enveloped his body. Then Zen kicked Leo with all his power.

Leo was thrown out of the ring, like a heavy sandbag.

He never got up again.

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