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   Chapter 73 Challenge

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Nory inconspicuously pulled Zen's sleeve and whispered, "Let's find somewhere else to sit."

The man seemed to cause trouble deliberately, so Nory thought they'd better leave.

Zen didn't acknowledge the rude disciple's demand. He continued to eat his food quietly.

"I told you to get out of my seat. Did you hear me?" yelled the young man. To emphasize his point, the man slammed his hand on the table made of hard rock maple. When he withdrew his hand, a clear palm mark had been imprinted on the table. This disciple must be very strong!

Zen remained unaffected by the man's angry display. He chose to chew his food and pretend as though he didn't care about what was happening around him.


When the man received no response, he spat into Zen's plate and sneered, "Haha! Enjoy your meal!"

Before the rude disciple could finish sneering, Zen had kicked his chair back, stood, grabbed the man by the collar, and clenched his left hand as though ready to punch the guy.

At the moment, Nory held Zen's left arm and blurted, "Hey brother, calm down! You are not allowed to fight here. In accordance with the rules of Cloud Sect, disciples who battle with each other will be penalized with a loss of points. The moment you do not have enough points, you will either be kicked out of Cloud Sect or confined in Hell Mountain!"

Hearing Nory's words, Zen relaxed. Ever since his admission to Drizzle Peak, Zen had been informed of the rules governing Cloud Sect. He knew what Nory was saying was right.

Since Zen did not enjoy a high status in Cloud Sect, he had to obey the rules. Both Sean and Master Su had told him this many times.

The young man was apparently prepared to provoke Zen to make him break the rules. Perhaps he intended to drive Zen out of Cloud Sect.

When Zen understood this, he shelved his temper, loosened his grip, and stared at the young man for a moment before saying, "I don't know who ordered you to look for trouble. But to be honest, I doubt if your intelligence is good enough even to be considered as average. I can't believe you would think of such a stupid idea to aggravate me! Since you want a fight, I'll give you a chance to challenge me. How about that?"

Hearing Zen's words, the young man cracked up, "Haha! It's just what I intended to say. So, let's fight in the battle ring, and don't try to escape like a cowardly chicken!"

Cloud Sect had stipulated that disciples could not fight each other privately, or they would be severely punished.

However, Cloud Sect was a martial arts shrine. People who cultivated martial arts for long periods were usually aggressive. Since Cloud Sect had millions of disciples, conflicts between students were inevitable.

The solution was to go to the battle ring.

Every peak within Cloud Sect had a few battle rings.

"Hey, guys. Just calm down! There's no need to go to the battle ring!" said Sean nervously. He had just e

nt furnace in his mind. As far as strength was concerned, he was much stronger than a cultivator at the marrow refining level.

It seemed risky for Zen to accept the challenge of a cultivator who was half a step into the nature level, but Zen still had a chance to fight and perhaps, even win!

Sean was still anxious about the duel.

Zen was only at the organ refining level. Furthermore, he had entered Drizzle Peak only half a month ago. How dare he accept Leo's challenge in the battle ring? Was he a fool?

After Zen and Nory left the dining hall, Sean considered his options for a long while. Finally, he decided to report the matter to Master Su.

Master Su had spoken with Sean privately a few days ago. She had instructed him to inform her whenever there was news about special matters and performance about Zen.

However, Sean didn't expect that Master Su would show no emotion after hearing the news. She just explained that she would watch the duel three days later.

Sean was tempted to ask why Master Su did not think of stopping the duel between Zen and Leo.

Of course, Aura Su would not interrupt the duel! Her grand goal was to produce a super disciple who would be the most powerful disciple in Cloud Sect, for Drizzle Peak!

In fact, Zen was only one of Aura's many candidates. There had been a few inner disciples with great potential in Drizzle Peak. As far as their refining level was concerned, these inner disciples were far beyond Zen. But somehow, Aura had a hunch that sooner or later, Zen would grow in terms of strength. And when that happened, people including Aura would admire or be even awed by Zen.

As for the situation, Aura would not intervene a lot. She believed that only by experiencing the situation of life and death would disciples be inspired to reach their potential.

Thus, even if Leo hadn't come looking for trouble, Aura would have picked a few disciples to make trouble for Zen.

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