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   Chapter 70 Hell Mountain (Part One)

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The book in Zen's hands was on fist position. It depended a lot on attacking skills.

Zen turned to the first page gingerly. What caught his eyes was that the page was filled with small and closely-written words. Zen soon realized that this was a translation of Ogre language.

The knowledge in this book apparently came from the Ogres, and someone had the skills to translate Ogre language. Zen was clueless as to who could have translated the text.

'As per the words, is this a cultivation method for Ogres?'?Zen was puzzled.

The Heavenly Ogre Body Refining formulation was a cultivation method for Ogres only.

Zen knew that cultivation methods for Ogres were highly demanding. To practice them, a person would require strong physical strength.

As it was known to all, the strength of the human body would improve greatly after the body had been refined. However, compared to Ogres, humans were still far weaker. The body of an Ogre, obviously, was not on the same level as a human.

For example, the physical strength of humans at the bone refining level was about the same as that of a four or five-year-old Ogre child.

Of course, this was just for general people, not Zen. Evil Lan had refined his body, and the strength of Zen's body was now comparable to a top grade mysterious weapon.

Therefore, the demanding body strength required to practice this cultivation method might be an impossible threshold for most humans, but not for Zen. It was tailored for him for sure.

Zen put the Heavenly Ogre Fist book into the space ring and left the chamber.

When he re-entered the hall for tier 4 cultivation method, Zen found that an old man dressed in white was looking at him with bright eyes.

Zen studied the old man. He stood with his hands clasped behind his back, graceful and noble. Zen felt relieved because he did not sense any hostility from the old man.

"The power of the Heavenly Ogre Fist is great. But i

it is fate that led you to this book. But this cultivation method involves many other factors. If someone outside asks you what you have taken," the old man stopped speaking for long enough to wave at the cultivation method hall. A book from the cabinet flew over to them. With the book in hand, the old man continued, "You should tell them that this is what you have chosen."

Zen took the book from the old man and turned it around in his hand. As he looked at the book, Zen's eyes brightened when he saw the words, Spiritual Thorn, on the cover.

There were so many books on tier 4 cultivation method on the bookcase in this hall. Zen had not expected that he would get an opportunity to take two. Zen laughed with joy before placing the book inside the space ring.

Then Zen looked at the old man and thanked him by cupping his hands (left over right) and raising them chest high as a salute. After that, Zen turned with the intention of leaving the hall.

Before he could take a step, the old man stopped him, "Wait, you... aren't you curious about my identity?"

"What?" Zen stopped and turned to face the old man. In all this time, he had not thought to ask the old man his name. Zen raised his hand and slapped it on his forehead. "Please forgive my lack of manners. You are..."

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