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   Chapter 69 Tier Five Cultivation Methods (Part Two)

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At that time, dominated by the intent of the cyan dragon, he was torn and smashed unceasingly. The pain he had suffered when he was still at the Luo house was more intolerable than what he was experiencing now.

"This pain is nothing! I should just treat it as exercise for my soul!"

Zen murmured in a bid to encourage himself to stay strong. He shook his head and tried to work up the courage to continue walking into the hall. Soon, Zen found that he could march further into the hall for tier 4 cultivation methods.

As he approached the small wooden bookcase, despite the attacks of the shadows, Zen noticed that there was a passageway behind the hall.

"Why would there be a passageway here? Isn't the hall for tier 4 cultivation methods the last hall?" Zen was a little shocked.

Ever since he was a child, Zen had heard that there were only four tiers of cultivation methods. He had never heard of a cultivation method higher than tier 4.

All of a sudden, his curiosity was aroused. 'Perhaps I should enter the passageway and see if there are any higher-tier cultivation methods, ' thought Zen.

Still undecided, Zen took a minute to skim the bookcase in this hall. Tier 4 cultivation methods highly tempted Zen. Earlier, access to a tier 3 cultivation method would have pleased Zen. He had never dreamed of being in a position to access a tier 4 cultivation method!

After hesitating and thinking for a while, Zen found that he couldn't abjure his curiosity.

Others didn't have a chance to enter the hall for tier 4 cultivation methods, but he did. Now that he had come this far, why shouldn't he try to find out whether there were higher-tier cultivation methods?

At this thought, Zen decided to explore the passageway.

The passageway was not wide or spacious. It wasn't well decorated either. The floors and walls of the corridor had rotten over time. As soon as Zen entered the corridor, which was about 10 feet long, he felt a reprieve from the attack of the purple shadows.

'The overwhelming intent of the Vengeful Beast doesn't exist here?' Zen wondered.

Curious and bewildered, Zen marched ahead. At the end of the corridor was a stone chamber.

The chamber was circular, and not very big. In the center stood a black monument.

Zen's eyes widened when he realized that this chamber was a graveyard.

As soon

fiercely toward Zen, but it didn't. Instead, it clawed the floor every time the dragon growled fiercely. Then the soul let out a low howl.

This brought a smile to Zen's face. He hadn't thought that the shadows and the Vengeful Beast were naturally fearful of the cyan dragon's growl.

The Vengeful Beast's soul winced every time Zen took a step toward it.

As Zen walked over to it, one step after another without stopping, the Vengeful Beast's soul jumped back onto the tombstone before letting out a ferocious howl. At last, the soul retreated into the black tombstone.

Its grudges were evidently manifested in its howl. These were also perceived by Zen.

Just now, Zen was in grave danger. His soul would have been killed had the cyan dragon not awoken and come to his rescue.

But now, Zen had gotten past the dangers. Because of that, a flat smile grew on Zen's face. Then, he began to explore the stone chamber.

When he had first entered this chamber, Zen had noticed a bookcase near the black monument.

He walked toward the bookcase. When close enough, he saw that the bookcase contained two books on cultivation methods.

'Why are there only two books on cultivation methods? What on earth are they about?' wondered Zen.

Zen reached out and took one of the two books off the bookcase. This book looked very old and shabby. Since a thick layer of dust covered the book and he was unable to read its title, Zen patted the book to remove the dust. It was then that he could see several big words on the cover.

'Heavenly Ogre Fist!'

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