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   Chapter 67 Selecting A Refinement Method (Part Two)

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To the noble clan disciples, one hundred points might not be much, but to most of the common disciples, it was a lot.

What annoyed all the disciples equally was how many refinement methods there were in the Heavenly Library, whether high or low-level refinement methods, which made it hard to choose. Some disciples managed to accumulate a hundred points, but that would only buy the Barbaric Fist.

The book was inexpensive, selling for only a dozen gold in the Imperial Capital, so, paying a hundred points was a waste of points.

There was an art to pick a refinement method at the Heavenly Library.

All outer disciples were granted access to the Heavenly Library once to select a refinement method.

Under guidance from the masters, they headed for the Heavenly Library.

The deeper into the Cloud Sect that someone went, the more they experienced its vastness. After passing mountain forests, lakes and magnificent buildings of various shapes, they finally came to the gates of a great hall.

The hall had a purple haze covering it. With careful observation, streaks of purple light could be seen emitting from it.

As Zen stared at the bright glow, his eyes hurt. It was a peculiar feeling, similar, but much weaker, to that of the cyan dragon figure in his mind.

"Pupils, don't look directly into the light," reminded one of the masters warmly. "Through your eyes, it can damage your soul."

Hearing this, the outer disciples immediately looked away from the light.

As important as a man's soul was, a common saying used to describe damage came about of 'soul injury'. Someone with even a minor soul injury would feel the effects, like dizziness and weakness for several days while more serious soul injury might leave a person paralyzed or cause brain damage severe enough to make him an idiot for several years.

"What is the light, Master?" asked one of the outer dis

was stronger than in the first hall which made some of the outer disciples turn back because they felt ill.

It was the strength of someone's soul that determined how well they resisted the intent of the Vengeful Beast.

The vast majority of those disciples had never honed their souls. Naturally, some people were born with stronger souls, while others were not. It was like any genetic differences and had nothing to do with their strength.

Several outer disciples didn't want to give up, even though they already felt very ill. So, they stood still, closed their eyes and tried hard to withstand the intent of the Vengeful Beast.

However, it didn't take long for the color to drain from their faces, and a wave of dizziness came over them. Finally, with no other choice, they left the hall. Making a bad situation worse, one disciple fainted in the room and needed to be carried back.

Most of those remaining acknowledged their limitations and remained at the hall of tier-two refinement methods. If those disciples continued to go deeper, their souls were likely to be damaged.

Therefore, they stopped there and began searching for the refinement that worked for them.

Very few people continued deeper.

One of those who did was Zen.

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