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   Chapter 64 Recover The Flying Knife (Part One)

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Zen stood among the disciples who had passed the test. One by one, more disciples emerged from the Bloody Mountain. They took turns throwing crystal fragments into the baskets.

Suddenly Zen spotted Nory jumping out of a flying chariot. He gave Zen a cheerful wave before he hurried to the baskets. Zen watched as Nory took out a handful of crystal fragments and placed them into the baskets.

Nory had passed the test too!

Zen was quite surprised. Nory was only at the bone refining level. How was it possible for him to collect ten purple fragments in the test? During the test, Zen had planned to give Nory spare fragments once he had reached the third level. However, Zen encountered the ogre and then, he didn't get the chance.

Zen didn't know how, but it seemed as though Nory had passed the Blooded Test all by himself. It was impossible for a man at the bone refining level to kill the unreal beasts in the third level. How did Nory manage it?

Could Nory have been downplaying his abilities? The thought flashed through Zen's mind.

Smiling, Nory walked over to Zen, obviously pleased with himself. "Ha! I have passed the test, Zen."

"How did you do that? How did you get enough fragments?" Zen asked.

"Well, it's a long story. The short version is that I got lucky." Then he told Zen what happened after he entered the third level. Nory happened to see two disciples from noble clans fighting each other for a fragment. At last, both disciples were critically wounded and forced out of the test. Nory took advantage and collected their fragments. That was how he passed th

ore relaxed. After a tough haul, the disciples had finally met their first goal.

Some of them were so excited that they could hardly fall asleep. They spent most of the evening talking all about the choices of peaks.

Master Xu from the Skytop Peak was the most discussed person among these newcomers.

There were many tales about Skytop Peak. Topping all other 32 peaks, it was said to cream off most talents in the sect.

Zen and Nory sat at the corner of the room, listening to this discussion.

Nory listened intently. His eyes glittered with anticipation. Zen saw his expression and asked, "So which peak do you prefer? Skytop Peak?"

Nory scratched his head and laughed, "I wish. But I'm afraid I won't qualify for it."

Nory was acutely aware of what he was capable of. Skytop Peak would choose the disciples who had performed well in the test. He assumed that the big man with a great sword would probably get into Skytop Peak.

"Zen, I have decided to stick with you. I find that I am lucky as long as I stay with you," Nory said.

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