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   Chapter 63 A Feeling Of Distress

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The flying knife, like a dart, quickly penetrated the ogre's back.

More strangely, the flying knife ran through the ogre's body effortlessly until it fell onto the ground with its force spent.

At this sight, Zen was rendered speechless. He considered two possibilities. The first was that he was powerful enough to throw the flying knife through the ogre, but this was obviously impossible.

Another possibility was that the seemingly broken flying knife was sharp enough to run through the ogre.

Zen found that the second possibility was more likely than the first.

'This is a powerful flying knife!' Zen marveled at the knife's magic.

The colossal ogre was overcome with pain and staggered until spots of light consumed it.

Zen killed the only grade five unreal beast!


A pure black crystal fragment fell onto the ground and bounced toward Zen's hand.

The black crystal fragment was all that Zen needed to pass the blooded test...

Zen, with the black crystal fragment in hand, could not help but curse the designer of the magic array.

Zen would rather deal with numerous grade three unreal beasts than the grade five unreal beast, namely, the ogre.

Zen, at that moment, was not short of other colored crystal fragments. Now, he was more concerned about the flying knife than the fragments.

Still reeling from the pain caused by the ogre's blow, Zen managed to take several steps. The knife had fallen in the bushes and shrubs. He could no longer see it.

'The magical flying knife is a must for my collection, ' Zen thought.

'How can it be lost?' Zen wondered.

After a careful and meticulous search, Zen finally found a small hole in the ground.

'Too bad... considering its overwhelming strength, the flying knife must have embedded itself in the ground, ' Zen thought.

He forced the ground open seven or eight feet with sustained efforts and yet, he couldn't see the flying knife.

At this point, Zen found that his surroundings were gradually changing.

The magic realm was collapsing, which turned Zen's thoughts back to the completion of the blooded test and the end of the magic array.

A second later, Zen was surprised to find himself in a completely different scene. He found himself back on the Bloody Mountain which boasted of scarlet vegetation.

And the place Zen was just digging was out of sight.

'My flying knife! How could I bea

al vendetta against Perrin.

"Zen is bound to join Drizzle Peak!" Master Su's light voice silenced all other masters. She presumed to win Zen's admission, as she had been the first to sense Zen's potential and had become his patron.

Although the other masters were in deference to Master Su, they didn't want to submit lightly in the matter regarding the selection of high-potential disciples.

"Master Su, you should compete with us for the privilege of selecting disciples in a spirit of fairness," Master Xu challenged Master Su calmly.

"Master Su, you can't always do this...."

"Master Su, your peak's reputation does not justify your aggressiveness..."

The other masters present bombarded Master Su with their unanimous opposition.

Master Su's desire to acquire Zen as her peak's disciple and her usual arrogance finally triggered collective hostility from her counterparts.

But Master Su dismissed their suggestions and opinions with an arrogant wave of her hand.

Sensing Master Su's displeasure, the other masters had to stop voicing their dissatisfaction. If the masters dared to offend her, they would be removed from Cloud Sect.

Master Su sighed and said, "It is advisable that we select disciples in line with their rankings and preferences."

With no other alternative, the masters accepted Master Su's suggestion.

But they were not aware of Master Su's determination to secure Zen as her disciple.

They hadn't the slightest clue that she had hatched a scheme to get what she wanted.

Master Su was pleased with the prospect when the counting was in progress.

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