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   Chapter 59 Ogre (Part One)

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Outside Bloody Mountain, the masters exchanged wide-eyed looks of disbelief and gasped in surprise.

Being a master at Cloud Sect meant being well-informed, composed and mature.

And through the years, they had seen all kinds of talents.

Quite frankly, some of the most talented warriors were trained by them. Accordingly, they should not be so surprised.

But, these masters could not help shouting excitedly. Why was that?

Each of the masters had a distinct perception of the rare skills and strength Ryan possessed, and also, they knew the might of Ryan's dagger!

The average people might not know, but the masters did. Those energy threads were extremely sharp, and could easily slice a low-grade spiritual weapon in two. Even a middle-grade spiritual weapon would probably be cut into pieces. To withstand those silk threads, a top-grade spiritual weapon was needed.

But, what occurred just now, was so strange. Everyone, including Ryan, was shocked.

It was a huge surprise when Zen withstood the silk threads with his flesh!

Everyone watching had believed this to be Zen's final stand before he was out of the Blooded Test. In their eyes, his struggle was in vain. Zen didn't stand a chance of winning against Ryan and his spiritual weapon. The only foreseeable outcome of Zen crashing into the threads was him being shredded.

Much to the onlooker's surprise and Ryan's astonishment, Zen not only shattered the silk threads but also outmaneuvered Ryan in the blink of an eye.

It was no wonder that the crowd was surprised. What the hell was the body of this kid made from? How did he develop iron-like flesh? His strength was comparable to a top-grade mysterious weapon. The expressions on the masters' faces were astonishment while in the heart of each was the idea of bringing him under their folds.

Unlike the other masters, Dylan Fang had a bitter taste in his mouth, and hatred filled his eyes. He stared at the Picture Slab. It never struck him that Ryan could be eliminated because he was the most

y harder, to the innermost layer, where stayed a solitary five-grade beast, whose strength was comparable to a master at nature level. Since the disciples were at lower levels, no one had set foot on the final layer to challenge the five-grade beast in the history of Bloody Mountain.

As a matter of fact, many people questioned whether or not the fifth layer and five-grade beast were necessary because it was impossible for anyone to challenge it successfully. It seemed pointless for a five-grade beast to be there. Why? Because it expended so much energy to imagine one with the magic array system. This was a complete waste of power that they could apply to many other places.

Every time a master proposed to get rid of it though, the suggestion was rejected.

Why not just let it be? After all, there was no need to make changes. Since the five-grade beast had been created, it could just stay on the fifth layer and remain there, silently, with no issues. That was the reason given by the senior managers at the Cloud Sect.

Working quietly, Joshua erased the circle at the core of the system plate, forcing the five-grade beast to leave the center. As the innermost circle vanished, the beast, under Joshua's control, rose, rushing in Zen's direction. When Joshua saw that the five-grade creature was closer to Zen, he drew his arms back.

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