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   Chapter 57 Fight Tooth And Nail (Part One)

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At that time, the masters were waiting outside Bloody Mountain. They had all locked onto Ryan through their picture slabs.

Ryan had shown the most potential in the blooded test, but most masters had lost interest in him. While it was true that the masters used the test to hunt for potential disciples, they had their reasons for not focusing on Ryan.

Firstly, although Ryan was the strongest candidate in this blooded test, the masters believed that he would want to join Dragon Peak because his relative, Master Fang, was the head of Dragon Peak. If Ryan had no intention of considering other peaks, then the masters would not waste their time trying to recruit him as a disciple.

Zen was another reason that drove the masters' attention away from Ryan. The masters had been watching the examinees who had entered the second and third layers of the blooded test. They had seen Zen on their picture slabs, and his abilities had caught their attention. They had been watching Nory for a long time since Zen had saved him. Although disciples from noble clans had surrounded Zen, he still risked himself to save Nory. Since Zen and Nory seemed to be friends, the masters thought they would stay together.

However, to their great disappointment, they failed to find Zen. Zen didn't seek out Nory in the next layer.

The masters assumed that Zen might like fighting alone and dislike having contact with others. Perhaps Zen was a man who preferred coming and going freely.

After a long while, when no master had been able to find Zen on their picture slabs, one master switched to Ryan. That was when he noticed the fight beginning between Ryan and Zen. Once he had alerted the other masters, excitement surged through them. They all shifted their picture slabs to Ryan right away.

Given the potential of both Ryan and Zen, the masters knew that a great fight lay ahead. Adding to

zed that had he been any slower, the filament would have sliced his head off.

Ryan gave Zen no time to catch his breath. He rotated the dagger in his hand and generated many chaotic bright blue filaments in a minute. Then he ran toward Zen with the intention of slamming Zen with the bright filaments.

The treacherous filaments would cut Zen into pieces, and he would die a tragic death if Ryan were to succeed.

At the moment, Zen had no other choice but to run!

Zen could not attack Ryan when the filaments surrounded him.

Running straight at the person holding the filaments would increase Zen's odds of being shredded. Zen needed another plan.

The day had not turned out the way Zen had expected. The test had been going well. After all, Zen had enough crystal shards to pass the blooded test. But now when he was so close to success, he did not expect anything like this to happen. What could he do? With no other alternatives, Zen smiled bitterly.

The large net covered Ryan and Zen. The net encompassed hundreds of feet, but there was little space for Zen to dodge.

Since Ryan was relentless in his attacks, Zen had no choice but to retreat several steps. At last, Zen was cornered. There was nowhere left for him to go.

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