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   Chapter 56 Compelled To Fight (Part Two)

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The fact was that Zen's assessment was extremely accurate.

For the Blooded Test, most people remained on the third layer. Very few disciples braved the fourth or fifth layer. The reasoning was simple, the initiates were not at the higher levels, which meant the beasts were too strong, and those participants would probably lose their lives before earning a single fragment. That was not a place the disciples wanted to be.

After deciding, Zen spent six hours wandering around on the third layer.

During that time, he harvested quite a few fragments.

First, he came across a demon crow that attacked him from the air, leaving Zen no way to avoid its attacks. When he tried attacking the demon crow, it would deliberately put distance between itself and Zen, making Zen raise his brow and shrug his shoulders.

As he scoured his mind for some way to deal with this demon crow, an idea popped into Zen's head. Falling to the ground abruptly, Zen pretended to be dead. He wasn't sure, but, he believed the demon crow was a scavenger that would enjoy feasting on a carcass. The minute the crow saw Zen sprawled on the ground, it believed Zen was dead and swooped down to feast. But, as soon as it was close enough, Zen punched it. The demon crow fell dead from the one punch Zen delivered.

Later, he met up with a tremendous ancient mammoth. Its monstrous frame was intimidating, the power it possessed was more so, and could lead to trouble for Zen. However, Zen wasn't afraid at all and relied on his instincts. Zen dispatched it quickly.

And after that, he met three black wolves...

a sky dragon...

and even a colossal gorilla...

In general, the beasts were much more extensive and stronger on that level than they were on the second layer. For Zen, it took a little bit longer to deal with them, because while the beasts were strong, they weren't as smart as him. With a bit of creativity, it wasn't difficult to slay them.

Over the six hours, he won a total of eight purple fragments from his victories and needed only one more to pass the Blooded test.

While he was thinking that, a bloody porcupine appeared in front of him. Fury flashed in its savage eyes, while it drooled from out the corners of its mouth near protruding hideous tusks. In desperation, it surged at Zen, attacking.

Deadly quills covered the

could see it was a dangerous weapon.

The wheels were spinning in Zen's head. If he were to guess, Zen would have to say that the dagger was very likely a spiritual level of treasure.

After being in so many fights, Zen was confident in his strength, but he wasn't blind.

Smiling faintly, Ryan stated, "I'm afraid you don't have a choice in the matter. You see, while I'm not surprised that the three stupid cowards were eliminated, I take pity on them at the same time. To keep it fair, you should pay the price for getting people from the Fang Clan kicked from the test. Don't you agree?"

Hearing what Ryan was telling him, Zen stood still, ready to leave. Just as he'd suspected, Ryan was looking to cause trouble. Before he could go, a glowing blue thread suddenly appeared in front of him.

As the silk thread quickly grew, it became a small square. Zen watched, as the square increased rapidly in size until eventually it became a vast net that could cover hundreds of feet around them and encompassed Zen and Ryan inside.

"Don't you think that the Blooded Test is exceptionally dull? I mean, come on, we're dealing with beasts that have no intelligence. It's simply insulting to me! We should add something interesting. Only a real fight, perhaps, can cheer me up! Then, maybe I'll leave you whole," said Ryan, while he laughed maniacally.

Narrowing his eyes, Zen glared at Ryan standing not far away. It would seem that Ryan wasn't willing to let him go until they fought. He sighed, shrugging his shoulders in reluctant acceptance.

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