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   Chapter 54 The Top Seven Noble Clans

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To be the leader of this group of noble clan's disciples, the blue-clad man should be fairly strong.

When he saw Zen dared to dart towards him, he grinned contemptuously and changed his attack from the clenching fist to the eagle-claw boxing, grappling in Zen's direction while shouting, "Cyan Dragon Claw! Haha! Do you think you can run away?"

The attack seemed very powerful. A pair of hands, like dragon claws, landed on Zen's head.

Zen kept calm and quickly leaned sideways to slip out of the attack's grip. Zen rammed the man with his shoulder, making him fall back to the ground.

As the clansman was falling backward, Zen moved, and in the blink of an eye, he stood behind him, catching him right before the noble disciple hit the ground. Holding him by the neck with his right hand, Zen shouted, "If anyone dares approach, I'll let him fall, and he'll fail the test!"

When the other disciples of the noble clans saw Zen gripping the blue-clad man's throat, they stopped.

The blue-clad man, Chad, was the intelligent, youngest son of an influential member in the Zhuge clan. To set up a barrier on the path was his idea. Obviously, he was the bigwig in the group of disciples.

At the moment though, Chad was being held by Zen and might be kicked out of the test easily. Consequently, no one dared to make a move.

"Hey buddy, if you let me go, I can make sure you get away safely," said Chad calmly, even though he was at Zen's mercy.

"Huh, you think I'd believe you?" replied Zen. In fact, with his heightened strength, if need be, he could break through the barrier right now, it would just be a little harder.

However, every one of these noble clan disciples held a mysterious weapon, and some were top-grade. Although Zen's body was as firm as the mysterious weapon, being stabbed would be an unpleasant experience for him. So, this was the safest way. "Tell these guys to leave!" ordered Zen.

"Do you know, my surname is Zhuge?" stated Chad coldly.

There was a clear hierarchy within the noble clans.

More than 30 clans were given the title noble clan throughout the Imperial Capital, but only seven of them were at the top.

Those seven were th

ed Joshua to believe it was a problem with the kid's disciple card. 'Wait!'

a thought struck Joshua. Before the boy set off, Master Su checked his disciple card. Joshua thought he had figured out the reason — Master Su must have done something with the kid's disciple card.

The moment Joshua opened his mouth to say something, he felt a chill shoot up his spine, freezing him. He snapped his neck around and saw Master Su staring coldly at him.

If looks could kill, the dagger-like glare Master Su shot him would have killed him on the spot if he uttered a single word!

Joshua swallowed hard, letting his words slip back down his throat at the same time.

Master Su had a frosty look. She wasn't worried about Joshua telling anyone about what she did to Zen's disciple card. She just couldn't believe that Zen went back to save anyone.

Zen couldn't break through the barrier easily just for saving one of them. However, now all of the examiners had seen his incredible performance. Master Su knew that they would compete fiercely against her for Zen, whatever her high, special social status.

Watching Zen's agile form sprinting from the Picture Slab, Master Su shook her head, grudgingly. She just wanted to recruit the boy quietly, but the kid's remarkable performance was making it complicated.

She clenched her teeth and whispered, "Humph, you little rascal, I'll make you experience a hard period when you get to Drizzle Peak!"

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